hopefully, the 5299 pants final fitting

Hello, lovely readers!

Are you sick of pants yet? ME TOO.

You may remember last time when I tried Kenneth King's crazy fisheye dart technique to reduce the under-butt sagginess in my new pants pattern. Well, I made another muslin, trying a different tactic--instead of trying to do some crazy magic, I just took in the at the side seams at the problem area.

Different? Yes.
Perfect? No.
Better? Arguably, yes!

Back view aka VPL.


I was so enthused by this new development that despite the fact that I never ever want to sew a pair of pants again, I sewed another pair of pants! Ugh, I have gone through so much practice fabric. But it is worth it, because it looks so different in a twill than a thin muslin cotton.

Hey hey!! 

Get ready for some exclamation points, I am excited! 
Unfortunately (for you), I've made more black pants, which don't photograph very well, but I'm trying to use this light in the corner of my sewing room (aka the guest bedroom), which you have seen a lot recently.

PANTS! Wearable pants!

The front! I think it looks nice, right?

Zipper and side view. 

We have some little wrinkles going on, but good! 
And partially because I am twisting around.

Awkward self-photo, but good light.

Similar awkward self-photo.

I am pretty pleased with myself. I feel like Laura Petrie--success!




  1. Yay pants! They look really, really good in the back! Not saggy at all anymore :)

  2. Wow they look great. You have grit and determination!

  3. omg! you did such a great job -BRAVO! I have found my pants pattern, but am still not ready to sew. But seeing you finish yours has given my confidence.

    You look awesome in them!

    1. Thanks! I saw on your most recent post on 1964 (which was marvelous as always) you have a pair all picked out, I can't wait to see your progress!