Weekend(er Wardrobe) Update & Giveaway!!

I have been busily sewing, but I don't feel like I have been producing anything that quite merits its own post, that's why there's been radio silence from me for a little bit. There's been lots of muslining and trying-on being done around here, and lots of walking back and forth from my sewing room to my mirror in the bedroom, and lots of clothing discarded in the sewing room and frantically searched for everywhere else before I remember where I have left it, and then lots of lint rolling as I discover it is covered in fabric scraps and millions of snipped threads. (Do you do this, leave your real clothes in your sewing space when you fit garments?)

So instead of showing you a finished garment, I have some generally poor photos of works-in-progress to share today. And a giveaway!!

I have been busily at work on my Weekend Wardrobe. The dress and blouse are the same, the top is just extended, so that makes it nicer to fit, but I'm still having some issues. It is too big through the shoulders and bust--this pattern is a 14, and so while it makes the pants fit nicely, I'm really a 12 on top. It shouldn't be too hard to fix, but I love where the end of the sleeve hits, so I don't want to mess that up. Ugh, fitting! It's so annoying!

Here's the dress:

Nooooooo :( Talk about terrible. This is way too wide on top. And the back, which has no darts, and clearly needs some. 

You can see here and in the first photo that the dress's sleeves hit just past the shoulder, almost like tiny little cap sleeves. That is how it is supposed to hit--that is intended. However, that is just about the only thing here that looks good, from the waist up. I took in the CB seam by 5/8" (so that is 1 1/4 inches total taken off the back). You can't tell in these photos but the side seam on one side is taken in a bunch. I have some more fitting schemes that I want to try out though since that doesn't seem to help that much.

Some exciting news: if you are interested in joining me in my quest to complete an entire wardrobe pattern, but don't have a wardrobe pattern of your own...

you are in luck!

Ashley from Craft Sanctuary was cleaning out her stash and generously offered to donate a few wardrobe patterns for a lovely Weekender Wardrobe giveaway.

Butterick 3054 in bust 30 1/2, McCalls 9290 in bust 31 1/2 (1968), and Simplicity 6853 in bust 36

Simplicity 5527 in bust 34 (1973), and McCall's 2415 in bust 32 1/2

People will stare at you enviously while you wear your groovy dress from 1970. 
I can't help you achieve that glorious hair though! Maybe invest in a wind machine? 
Doesn't she look fashionable and carefree?

These two sets of twins from 1974 look groovy in their coordinated outfits. 
It must be nice to have someone to share patterns with--
I wonder if twins have to make all the same alterations?

And these quintuplets are definitely getting their money's worth from this pattern!

These are all rather small sizes, but remember--you can always grade a pattern up or down using Casey's wonderful and detailed tutorial, and I've heard positive things about using a photocopier as well!

One of the reasons I started blogging about my sewing projects (besides mooching advice from all you lovely people) is because of the great community it is! Thanks again (times one million) to Ashley for being amazing and helping me out with this giveaway.

All you need to do to win these five patterns is leave a comment below telling me where you think some of these fashionable ladies are going in their nice new handmade clothing!

I will end the contest Sunday, April 6 at 5:00 pm EST. The winner will be drawn randomly and I'll announce it here next week :)


  1. The quintuplets look like they're gonna raise some hell. Maybe they'll trick some people with their similar outfits and faces...maybe pull a Parent Trap-style switcheroo. Anyway, love your blog and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I'm fairly sure the twins are off to a twin convention, where they're holding out hopes of winning a) twinniest twins, and b) the hearts of some hunky potential-boyfriend twins.

    Miss groovy 70s dress is just off down the shops for a pint of milk. Imagine how good she looks when she has somewhere more exciting to be!

  3. I have no idea where they're going lol but it is fun reading about your fitting quest and the comments above! :D

  4. Pretty sure the two girls in Macalls 9290 are judging the one in a bathing suit for venturing so far from the beach. The girl with the dark hair is all "um, you need pants around this part of town, hun" Not sure where they're going, but wherever they are, I want to be there!

  5. I think they're all going on a long trip to Europe, stopping at beaches, cafes, museums, and many scenic spots perfect to photograph each other in their matching outfits.

  6. The ladies on the McCall's pattern are envious of the glamorous lady in the dress with the beautiful hair as she is walking off to lunch while they are waiting to be frisked, by the look of their poses.

  7. The ladies in the Simplicity pattern are heading to perform at a Von Trapp-esque concert. They're loving their new matching sets.

  8. I think that most of these pattern covers look like clips from Mean Girls. The group from McCall's 2415 are telling that other girl that It's actually Wednesdays that they wear pink. I don't think she can sit with them anymore. The ladies from Simplicity are discussing whether butter is a carb.

  9. I love to picture everyone at a beach club weekend event with lots of drinks, some valium and nasty comments. The club is membership only (of course) with a massive private pool and private beach. The blond gal in McCalls 2415 is off to meet a pool boy :)

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  11. Yellow Blouse, "This is what you wear for soup lunch and shopping?"
    Bathing Suit, "What?! I though you said sun, lounging, and swimming."
    Yellow Pants, [sigh].

  12. The ladies in 5527 look like they're getting ready for a jet set adventure - the one on the far right is definitely the stewardess. The two next to her are arguing about where they're flying and the two on the far left are totally ready to go on their wacky European vacation. They are also all a bit miffed that everyone else chose the exact same shade of blue as them. Jeez.

  13. aww thats a shame about the dress. i hope you've sorted out the problem!
    I have a cat, so i try really hard not to leave things lying around lest my cat decide to sleep on it. ive learnt my lesson before!