Dinner and a Movie

dinner and a movie outfit | alliemjackson.com

My new husband(!!) and I went out the other day on a typical date... for a teenager: dinner and a movie at the mall! I was super nice and agreed to see Mad Max: Fury Road with him on the condition that he take some pictures of my outfit in front of a nice big brick wall.

dinner and a movie outfit | alliemjackson.com

Not pictured: the dumpster about 10 feet to my right. Glamorous!!

(But actually, this may be a new favorite spot for outfit shots: it's like a little courtyard--well, as I said, a courtyard full of dumpsters--so it is totally full of natural diffused light, which I hear is what you are supposed to have for this kind of thing.)

dinner and a movie outfit | alliemjackson.com

Also, full disclosure: I loved Mad Max: Fury Road. If you haven't seen it, go do it. It was beautifully shot and choreographed and totally brutal. So good.

Here's a weird photograph of me in which all my body parts look photoshopped together and my eyes look semi-audrina patridge-y (2006 anyone?):

dinner and a movie outfit | alliemjackson.com

dress: me-made in 2012 but somehow unblogged, it's Simplicity 2444 | top: pointed flat collar blouse | shoes: lands end 


p.s. have you seen fury road??? omg let's talk about it.


  1. "You will live on forever. Shiny and Chrome" - Immortan Joe

    1. seems like valar morghulis is the correct response to this.

  2. Replies
    1. I have only ever heard Midwesterners say that! As a former Minnesotan, you made me smile :)



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