#menswearmakenine 2018

From left to right, top row to bottom row:
Elastic Waist Shorts - Thread Theory Jedediah (seen previously here and here)
Hoodie - Clothes for All Seasons
Pajama Set- Vogue 8964

Chinos - Clothes for All Seasons
Button Down shirt - Liesl & Co. All Day Shirt
Trench Coat - Japanese coat book

Pea Coat - Thread Theory (or Japanese coat book)
Tee shirt - Clothes for All Seasons
Boxers - Clothes for All Seasons

Is the first 2018 resolution post you've seen? I mentioned in my post about Japanese menswear sewing books that I want to sew more menswear, and although I've never participated in #makenine before (since I usually change my mind about things a hundred times and also, make way more than nine things in a year) I've decided that nine is the perfect goal amount of men's clothing for a year, especially since I've made Alex mayyybe 9 things total in all the years I've been sewing. Time to double my record!

Do you sew menswear? If you do--or if you haven't, but want to start!!--I'd love it if you'd join me and use the hashtag #menswearmakenine to follow along as we do some selfless sewing. See you on the 'gram!


ps: expect to see more of Alex on the blog! i guess i'd better brush up on my photography...

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  1. David is a lot older than Alex but I recently made him a pair of Kwik Sew jeans and have plans for more using that, modified, or my men's pattern making books. I made my sil a burda waistcoat. Grandsons shirts. I have some gorgeous Burberry wool to make a jacket for DH but we haven't decided completely on style. So I'd join you, but I'm a slooow sewer and 9 is too many to donate to the men in my life! Good luck with yours though.
    Have you considered the pattern making books?

  2. ooh I could make Glenn silk t shirts and get to nine. He used to wear silk short sleeve t shirt style shirts all the time and we can't find them to buy anywhere. I bet EOS has the right kind of fabric. Also if you figure out a boxer short fly please let me know. I am excited!

    1. I've only ever made them once, but my mom has done them up a lot, and the first choice boxers have really great fly instructions: http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/first+choice+boxers+pattern.do

  3. I've only made John one thing, ever, and even though it's not even marginally my best work, he still wears it with pride. I doubt I could do all 9 next year, but a) what a fantastic Unselfish Sewing goal, and b) even searching for those 9 patterns for men sounds challenging and fun! I might have to join in (and try not to get John's hopes up ;)

  4. I love this! My husband is going to get a whole bunch of new clothes!!



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