Quilting Leather and Construction Details/Changes (McCall's 7549)

Since I'm taking on a big project with two new-to-me skills--quilting and sewing leather--I thought I'd share a bit of my learning process with y'all. I rarely publish whole posts about works-in-progress--it's not as pretty or glamorous as completed outfits--but it's nice to do so every once in a while, especially when it's something a bit tricky! I also changed a lot when it comes to the construction of this pattern--so much that it would totally take over another post.

Below the cut, there is a very long, very wordy post with lots of in-progress pictures, so if you're just here for the outfits, you've been forewarned! I'll post my finished jacket next Monday, or subscribe to my newsletter for a sneak peek Friday!!

Inspiration: Quilted Leather Jacket (McCall's 7549)

Have y'all seen the latest McCall's release? It is so spot-on--as soon as I saw it I bought myself thisthis, and for some reason I totally had to have these, I don't know why. (Will I make that last one? We'll see.) But my heart practically stopped when I saw their little quilted jacket, 7549. I have always like the aesthetics of Grainline's Tamarack jacket, but although an oversized cotton jacket looks great on my mom, it's just not quite "me". This little shrunken one has the same silhouette that I love from my Mimi G blazer, and a bunch of gorgeous quilting really makes view A stand out.

My mind (and my heart) immediately went "leather!" I've been so inspired by all the quilted jackets I've seen on pinterest ever since laying eyes on Cara Delevigne's icon-status model off-duty leather biker jacket with amazing quilting on the sleeves. I'm totally in love with my Olga Road (r.i.p.) recycled leather jacket with all the classic motorcycle styling (seen here) but sometimes those 84 zippers are a bit much.

Remember when I said last month that I wasn't going to be putting out a new project every week? Yeah, this is the type of thing I was talking about. If you notice a slight lack of sewing here on the blog for the next little while, know that it is because I'm working on this. First things first, though: I'm breaking out all the stops and... making a muslin. Actually, I already made a muslin of just the pattern pieces basted together, but I wanted to go back and work on my quilting--I am not a quilter so I need the practice!--so I've decided to make myself a silky, snuggly bed jacket (possibly the most 60s of nightwear). You'll see this soon too!

Next week, I'll show you how I'm adapting this pattern to work with my leather (I've been memorizing this post), and the week after that I'll show you the finished item! Meanwhile... McCall Pattern Company has agreed to give three lucky American allie J. readers a copy of this pattern--just enter the rafflecopter below and I'll be in touch!

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Good luck!!


ps: i also picked up a copy of vogue 9100--i rarely buy or make vogue patterns but everyone looks amazing in this dress.

allie J.

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Inspiration: The Date Night Social Sew

I'm always so impressed by y'all's fancy dress looks, so I've been looking forward to this theme! As I mentioned in the link-up post, you don't haaaaave to make a Valentine's dress--I just had a very nice board-games-in-jeans-and-a-hoodie date myself! Then again, I always feel like I need a reason to make a nice dress, so if you're looking for an excuse to splurge on some nice fabric or use that too-fancy-for-everyday pattern that's been gathering dust in your stash... here it is!

Remember, my main goal is designing the Social Sew link-up was to make the theme narrow enough that someone unsure of what to make next could find some guidance, but broad enough that someone with sewing plans could find a way to make their pieces fit. If you're a bit stumped on what to make for this month's theme let me suggest...

A silky (or snuggly) robe: Whether you're slipping into something more comfortable or cuddling up on the couch with a box of chocolates, there's nothing better than a cozy robe!
Patterns: Seamwork's Almada and Named's Asaka are lovely kimono-style robes (which you can also make with a simple tutorial). Purl Soho has a more traditional style robe as well!

An ultra-feminine dress: Maybe you, like me, feel your best in a slightly-frou-frou cupcake of a vintage dress, or maybe you feel amazing in a body-con sheath. You do you, but do it up one hundred percent on v-day, okay?
Patterns: Whatever makes you feel like a knockout: I suggest Georgia or Flora for some cleavage (and I will live vicariously through you) or Nettie for a body-con option.

Something lacy: No explanation needed! (And if it feels like I've recommended lingerie in a few of these inspiration posts recently, It's because I'm working up the courage to dive into some bra sewing of my own!)
Patterns: Oh my gosh, y'all, have you seeeeeen the new Harriet bra pattern by Cloth Habit? It is gorgeous and I need it (despite my utter lack of bra-sewing experience). Her Watson set is a blogger favorite as well. Ohh Lulu has alll the bralette patterns you could ever need.

I hope you have some pretty sewing in your queue! There's a time and place for basics, and Valentine's Day is decidedly not. it. in my opinion. Do you agree?


ps: ...or maybe you want to sew something for your valentine? this is official permission to do some unselfish sewing for the link-up:)

allie J.

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Social Sew #11: Date Night

February is possibly my least favorite month of the year. Last year, I combated February's dreariness with an aggressively pink coat and a pink dress, and this year, I encourage you all to do the same and sew up something cheerful and lovely, because... 

February's Social Sew theme is Date Night!

Whether you are married, dating, or just plan on eating chocolate with your girlfriends, having a special date night is so important, especially in gloomy February. I suggest something pink (of course) but a little black dress would also be appropriate, son't you think?

Some rules: 
1. This is for adult apparel sewing, so no kids clothes or home decorating (unless specified otherwise in the theme).
2. Newly blogged garments, please: the things you add to the link up should be made or blogged in the month the link up is for. Remember, the theme and the link up are there to inspire you to create something new!
3.  Please click on the logo above to download it, and put it either in the post you are linking up, or in your sidebar. I'd also appreciate you linking to the Social Sew--the more people who discover it, the more participation we'll have, the more inspiration! Thanks, y'all.

Upcoming themes:
January (this month): New Year, New Wardrobe
February: Date Night
March: Anything Goes!

And an important Social Sew update: March will be the last Social Sew--for now! There are so many themed sewing opportunities available, I don't feel too too guilty about bringing my own little contribution to the genre to an end. I might bring it back at some point in the future, but I think now is a good time to bring it to a close: I started this project last April, and I'd like to round out the year. March's theme is Anything Goes, so if you've been wanting to link up but haven't gotten around to the themes, you have a last chance!


ps: if your date night is more netflix and chill than dinner and drinks, i love that, and pajamas are of course valid submissions.

allie J.

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