Inspiration: Taylor Swift

Have you seen the new music video from Taylor Swift? Apparently she wanted it to be "quirky" and I think she's succeeded--it certainly doesn't look like her other videos! Take a look:

Cute video, right? I am an unabashed Taylor Swift listener, even though my music tastes generally do tend towards the "indie records much cooler than" hers ;) But this isn't really a post about music... just look at those outfits!!

I want everything she wears in the video, plus, um, her hair and talent. I have some hipster Wayfarer eyeglasses already--I have to live up to my geek-chic library image, right? And shh!--I bought that lipstick! I couldn't help myself. I have a couple of red lipsticks but not one I loved, so I went to Sephora for help picking one out that would be classic and also look good on me, which was a huge help. Thanks Sephora ladies!
For a vintage lover and sewing enthusiast such as myself, I can't help but want to replicate all her outfits-- aren't those pajamas just so cute? I do think I may invest some sewing time making a loose interpretation of her final dress. I chose it as the theme of my inspiration board but I also like her 40s-esque "talking on the phone" outfit. You may see polka dots here in the future!


ps I'm learning GIMP! Don't even ask how long my inspiration board took.



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