I've been absent from this blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing! Sorry, reader(s).

Last year I was swept up in the cultural phenomenon that is Doctor Who. My boyfriend and I watched all of season five, fell in love with Amy Pond and Matt Smith, respectively, and went back to the beginning (of the new seasons, that is). I love the "classics," which isn't that surprising given my love of basically anything retro but especially campy 60s tv and movies, but the boy thinks they are too slow and fakey. That's not a problem for me as I spend a good deal of my time watching Dark Shadows, the fakest, campiest, cheesiest, interminably slow 1960s gothic soap. Classic Doctor Who is positively action packed and realistic in comparison.

All this to say: I have worked on two projects recently. One of which is retro (coming soon), and one of which is Doctor Who themed.

Like my intro?

Doctor Who pajama pants. My mom casually mentioned making these for us for Christmas last Christmas when I shared my love of the Doctor with my family, who took a liking to it as well. When I called her out on it this year, she was surprised that I remembered... How could I forget a promise casual comment like that?! My dad, brother, and boyfriend all got sci-fi pajamas. My mom made most of them but I helped!

2013.01.19 Green Shift

The fabric is from Spoonflower, which has a lot of Doctor Who themed fabrics. Our favorite was the Shepard Fairey-inspired Dalek print.

2013.01.19 Green Shift

The fabric on the left isn't Doctor Who themed necessarily, just time/space/geeky, with scattered 42s. On the right we have oxford cloth-esqe navy stripes with tiny tardises. Also featured: wool Filson inspired vests by my mom!

Merry Christmas a month late!

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