A Lacy Laurel

While I think the reaction in the sewing blog world has been less than enthusiastic about Colette's new pattern, the Laurel shift, I was thrilled. In hindsight, I probably should have been less excited about this pattern, given my many issues with the Sorbetto, but I jumped on the Laurel as another try at perfecting my essential shift pattern while supporting an indie designer. And, somewhat surprisingly... it fits!

I'm saving my dress reveal for Julia Bobbin's second Mad Men Challenge (I'm In! and making Several Items! by the way), but today I have a lacy version of V. 4, the top. Version 4 is a blouse (basically just the dress lopped off at top length) with elbow-ish length sleeves and no zip, which is great. It has two pattern pieces along with darts front and back, so it was really easy to whip this up in a little over an hour. My dress is made in a slightly stretchy fabric (cotton sateen-y?) so I was concerned this top would be a little snug, but it fit perfectly. This is a size zero, by the way.

Taken at Videri Chocolate Factory!


I made mine a breezy summer shell in a 100% cotton eyelet picked up for 30% off at Joann's. It is unlined--in the photos I'm wearing a tan tank top underneath. I left the sleeves off, since I'll almost always be wearing this with a cardigan, as I do with all of my clothing, and sleeves seemed like more trouble that they're worth, especially since I couldn't get them to ease nicely in my dress--and then couldn't determine whether or not they are actually intended to have a slight puff!

interior finish--ignore those threads and look and my nice french seams!

Laurel lace top
rolled neck hem!
I french seamed the sides. Instead of finishing the neckline with double fold bias tape, I did a quick rolled hem. I treated the sleeves the same way. It was easier than I thought it would be and cut down on time. It looks nice inside and out!

dramatic angle brought to you by a tall boyfriend
I lengthened it by 2 inches, since my first sorbetto looked like a crop top, and I had to add about a million inches to my second. It seems like it would have been a reasonable length left alone, though, and I'm 5'7". I cut on average an inch off in my trimming of the bottom lace. I'm not convinced I like my lace "edging," and I have a little wiggle room, so I still may go back and hem it straight. What do you think?

One issue I had with the pattern is that for the top version, they omit the zipper, but neglected to eliminate the back seam. I did this myself in approximately 1 minute, but it seems like an oversight. Another is that it would be really simple to give instructions on leaving it sleeveless. I understand a lot of people don't need instructions for that, but it would have been nice to include for beginners, especially since this is a super easy pattern labeled right for them!

Overall, this is an expensive pattern for what it is, but I'm finding it well worth the purchase price: it seems to fit me very well right out of the packet, and I think I will make it many times over!

Fabric: slightly less than 1 yard cotton eyelet
Pattern: Laurel from Colette
Year: 2013
Notions: none
Time to complete: 1.5 hours
First worn:
Wear again?
Make again?
Cost: fabric for $13 and pattern for $18 but I've already made it twice, so... $23?

I have three more yards of this eyelet left--you'll be seeing it again :)


  1. i think the fit is wonderful! i like the lace look around the bottom but if it means that the shirt will need to be ironed after it gets washed i would hem it straight across and not look back!

    1. I think that is what I will do. It looks cuter in real life (I thought) than in these photos but it will be easier if its hemmed.

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  3. Can't wait to do my own laurel in different fabrics soon, a 60s shift , perfect!
    Would you be interested in a 60s sew along that am thinking of organising soon?

    1. yes, certainly! I'm also participating in Julia Bobbin's Mad Men Challenge, I hope you are too! Looking forward to seeing your orange Laurel :)

  4. I love how you left the bottom lacey-very cute! I have this pattern too. I wasn't super excited when it was released, either, but the longer I sit on it, the more I get excited about it. I think it's so versatile and really great for some dressed-up basics. Can't wait to see your other versions!

  5. This is adorable! I love the eyelet-- great job, girl! You look cute as a button! I was really excited when I saw this pattern, too... I'm a '60's girl, so this is right in my wheelhouse! Hoping to finish my Laurel this weekend. :)

  6. My roommate wants to buy one!



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