Me Made May is coming.


I've just realized that Me Made May 2013 is practically here! I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to pushing myself to wear as much Me Made clothing as possible. Right now, though, that is looking extremely challenging--I have enough Me Made clothing to wear for a week, easily, but not for a month, unless I want to emulate the Brown Dress Project (which I can't find the original site for?). I'd like to do some preparatory sewing

I'm not aiming for me-made superstardom like our host, Zoe (who even makes her own "pants" which is amazing) but I would like to wear 1 me-made item every day, and that will be enough of a challenge. This blog post mayyyyy (get it?) be boring for those of you who aren't rabid planners like me, but anyone who is embarking on their first Me Made May with me might find this planning post of use? Maybe?

I currently have some spring-appropriate items that are wearable and complete:
3 skirts: floral, harlequin, grey Cynthia Rowley
3 shifts: green, pink, Megan Draper Laurel
3 full-skirted dresses: forthcoming green sprouts, pink linen floral, gothic toile
4 tops: forthcoming swiss dot bow, swiss dot sorbetto, eyelet laurel shell, black and white
and maybe some other things I've forgotten.

Things that need some help, but are mostly complete:
Blue seersucker peplum: re-work zipper/gaping
Sorbetto: Ironing Dread
Floral linen shift: I don't even know what to do about the zipper.

6 dresses will get me pretty far--a dress is, basically, a whole outfit. I could focus on separates, because that is what I currently wear on typical days (full disclosure: jeans and a tee), but I'm also going to use this month of me mades to boost my style a little bit. I want to wear dresses, and conveniently, I also want to make them. Good idea, yeah? So...

Things I want to make  before/during Me Made May:
2 Laurels(?!) from stash fabric: one in eyelet, one in Lilly print?
2 full skirted dresses (likely 2444) one in a pretty blue floral (stash), one in...??
2 Laurel shells.
Perhaps a Betty Draper dress for the Mad Men Challenge, to go with my Mad Men Laurel (wait and see! edit: here it is!).
When is the Great Gatsby coming out? I'm maybe making a dress for that?
and maybe, if I get my stuff together, a pair of trousers from Gertie's separates pattern, to go with all those Laurel shells.

That is a LOT of sewing, so I doubt it will all be done in the next two months. If I did finish everything on the list, I'd have almost the 31 items I'd need if I wanted to wear a different me made item every day of the month!

In conclusion:
11 dresses is a lot of dresses. I like that.
Stash-busting will be happening.
UFOs beware! Me Made May is coming.


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  1. I've been doing the same thing! In my head at least...we'll see how far I get in me-made-may!



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