Simple Elastic Waist Skirt

Chevron Skirt

aka what I will be living in this summer.

Prepare for this blog to get reeeeal redundant--I'm so in love with the Laurel that I think you'll be seeing a few more variation of that pattern soon! I've also perfected my "pattern" for making these super-easy, super-comfy, super-adorbs cotton skirts. Check it out:

Chevron Skirt

Um, liiike sooooo cute. I picked up this chevron (its Moda's Half Moon Modern) at the quilt shop, the nearest fabric store to my house (no judging). One great thing about these skirts is that if your pattern runs perpendicular to your selvedge, you can make a skirt in just about a half a yard if your hips are less than the width of the fabric-- just buy as many inches of fabric as you want your skirt to be long, plus your elastic casing and hem. I bought all that they had left (2 yards), so I got a discount! I made another identical skirt and still have about a yard left.

My main source of pride with these is that they look equally beautiful on the inside:

Chevron Skirt
ooh ahh!
No raw edges to be seen.

I'm making a WHOLE BUNCH of these in different prints and colors--in addition to the ones I plan on wearing like crazy this summer, I'm also selling them as part of my fundraising for the American Cancer Society. I promise I won't spam you all too badly--if you're interested in what I'm up to, you can click on the "Generals Against Cancer" tab at the top of the page. If not, don't worry. We'll will be back to regularly scheduled "all retro shifts, all the time" posting starting... now!


Retro Bow Blouse

I made a thing!
It is the same, but different, as another thing I made! I used the Simplicity 2154 blouse pattern in a size 8 after making a teeny tiny one in a 6 (omg it was so tiny) and an extra-big one in a 10. This one was juuuust riiight.

You can tell its been a while since I took these pictures because of the grey, grey background that is now green green green!And if I fiddle with the settings, it almost looks like it was daytime when I roped my boyfriend into taking these photos!

I made it as written, with no alterations to the pattern or instructions. I LOVE the bow (duh) and I think it looks really cute with high waisted skirts.

Fabric: white swiss dot (actually from switzerland, apparently, its from the fancy fabric store because all the other "swiss dot" i found was like 60% poly with little velvet glued on dots wtf)
Pattern: Simplicity 2154
Year: Contemporary.
Notions: size zipper
Time to complete: not long.
First worn: for pictures! and I have worn this once during MMM13--there will be an update on that soon!
Wear again? Yes, with all my skirts omg
Total price: $3.99 for the zip, leftover fabric from a sorbetto (currently MIA?) and a liiiittle extra fabric from my mom! 



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