Liberty Laurel

so I made another laurel, what are you going to do about it?
Lacy Laurel, Lilly Laurel, Liberty Laurel... I love my laurel pattern, it fits so nicely out of the packet and it is so easy.
Introducing my dress form.

I don't know if this is actually liberty print, but it looks like it, and it's a very nice fabric.

One great thing about making simple patterns like the laurel is that they are SO easy to finish nicely that I might even get around to doing it. In this case, I was cheating by just zig-zagging all my raw edges and calling it "vintage" finishing. I decided that I should put some effort into it and unpicked everything and did french seamed sides and waist, and even used some stashed double fold bias tape around my self-drafted all in one facing.

look at that coordinating piping!!

You may have noticed that these pictures are of a significantly higher quality than usually grace the virtual pages of my blog. Alex got my a cool camera for my birthday! I'm a terrible photographer, but I took the above photos (except for the one of me), which I think are passable. 

One cool trick it has is to recognize when people are smiling and take a picture automatically. This seems like an interesting feature, but how useful it will be for my Very Serious Fashion Blogger Photoshoots is doubtful :) Testing it yesterday I discovered that Sony's idea of a smile includes such gems as this:


And a cute face so you that this post has at least one attractive picture of me on it.

It takes nice black and white, yes? This one has weird pink spots because you can set it to pick out a single color but my pants aren't quite red enough, I guess.


p.s. I've been listening to the podcasts over at, which I suggest you do as well if you consider the 60s your decade. They specialize in rare 60s songs from around the world, and there's some gems!


  1. So cute! I love the little flounce you're rockin'!

    1. Thanks! After sewing this up, I saw a small child rocking a similar look. She was obviously very fashionable... haha

  2. this top is as cute on the outside as the inside! I love those little liberty prints :-)

  3. congrats on the nomination! really cute top! stick with the laurel- make it until you can no longer think of another idea...



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