Weekender Wardrobe (Join me!)

As I have recently taken to staring into my closet before work and wishing my options were more vintage-inspired, I have recently purchased some patterns. My first challenge is to make myself a perfect pair of Laura Petrie Pants (more on this shortly). The pants I have selected is part of a "weekender" pattern, with a top ("overblouse"), shift dress, a-line skirt, pants, and jacket:

Simplicity 7087, 1967
I actually also purchased this one as well, so now I have two full weekends of clothing options (I guess): 

Simplicity 5299
With my two new patterns and increased pants making ability, I have decided to challenge myself to make ALL the wardrobe items from my weekender patterns! I think the patterns above will help me fill holes in my wardrobe, just as originally intended. How color-coordinated I will be remains to be seen, but as someone who aspires to a vaguely-retro 1960s-ish daily look but most often defaults to jeans, I do think these mix and match separates are quite practical!

So here are my questions for you: 
Do you have holes in your wardrobe?
Do you have irrational sewing fears, like pants?
Do you need to start prepping for Me Made May 2014 (ahhh!!)?
Do you LOVE color coordination?
Would you like to join me in completing a weekender?

If you answered YES to the above questions and have in your possession (or your etsy favorites) a weekender pattern, I would love for you to join me in becoming a Weekender Warrior of sorts and sewing a whole weekender!

We all know there are a ton of sewing challenges every year. For this reason, I intend for this one to be very casual. This is not a sewalong--pick whatever weekender you like and sew at your own pace.

  • Pick your weekender or wardrobe pattern, vintage or modern
  • add the forthcoming button to your page
  • complete the pieces of your wardrobe pattern at your leisure
  • add the aforementioned forthcoming button to your posts when blogging weekender items
  • go on a weekend vacation looking fantastic in your new wardrobe, perhaps?

Although there is no deadline, I'd like to finish mine before Me-Made May 2014 for practicality's sake. I will be sharing my Weekender makes tagged "Weekender Wardrobe" and compiling them as a new page. I might also be posting on related topics-- I have a history of weekenders coming up. Anyone else who finishes their weekender will receive a small prize. Prize to be determined!

Let me know in the comments if you would like to participate--I'd love to see your makes!

miss allie


  1. Ohhh this is such a cute idea! I think I have a bunch of stuff that would work! Count me in!

  2. How fun! I'll go through my stash and see if I can join in!

    1. please do! I'd love to have company and I really think it will be useful for Me Made May (eep!)

  3. oh this is a fantastic idea! and i had a similar wish on my new years sewing resolutions list, except mine was to sew a work wardrobe consisting of dress, long coat, jacket, skirt, trousers and a blouse. but i haven't planned the fabric yet and im terrible at pants. so! it will be interesting, but i think i would like to play along!

    I love this idea and i cant wait to see how it all comes together!

    1. A lot of the mid-60s ones would make ideal work wardrobes--I don't think they were intended to be work-appropriate then, but standards of dress have become so much more casual that many of the "casual" patterns are pretty put together for today...

  4. This is a brilliant idea! Many of my 1940's patterns are for single garments, but I have a few that are separates. With the two patterns like you found, you don't really need to ever sew anything else! What a great way to create a well rounded wardrobe with a lot of options :)

    1. That's my hope! I think our sewing resolutions are similar, we just have uniforms from different eras :)



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