Sewing in 2014, and my Weekender Wardrobe of Choice

There have been a LOT of sewing resolutions in the last few days! I have only one resolution, and it ties into my Weekender Wardrobe plans:

Take my time creating handmade items I am proud of and love to wear.

Simple, right?

One of the reasons I want to make this Weekend Wardrobe is that I want to start wearing more handmade every day, which will help me shift my "look" to more vintage-inspired. My challenge is balancing this with sewing more practical items that work with my lifestyle--I work in a library, so my workplace is casual and I spend some time every day walking around, bending, crawling, reaching, etc. I want to take my time and plan out my Weekend Wardrobe to maximize its usefulness. I think well all have one-off pieces in our closets that don't get worn because they don't match anything else or don't fit or whatever. I have been trying really hard to be conscientious and make things I think I'll get a lot of use out of, but I still sometimes mess up. For example:

I love my spring shift dress in theory, and I did wear it this summer--but the fit is just off. This was pre-Laurel, and I think the fit on the laurel is much better than even this modified version. I'll likely scavenge the trim from this dress and remake the same silhouette with a different fabric and pattern.

So, while prepping to make my wardrobe pattern, I'm keeping in mind wardrobe-building, wearability, and my vintage inspirations.

The first choice to make is my Weekend Wardrobe pattern of choice: I bought two, and I think both have their places in my closet eventually.

I got Simplicity 7087 in the mail first and I was so excited to start I have already stitched up the pants from that pattern. But I really think that the selection of items in Simplicity 5299 will get more wear:

While I like the a-line skirt and already sewed up the pants in the pink and yellow ensemble, I think the full skirt will get more wear. I like the three-quarter length sleeves and the binding detail on the jacket. Since I currently wear a ton of tee/cardi combinations, the sleeveless top should slide into daily rotation, but I also like that the top has the option of sleeves. Choosing this pattern means I'll be fitting a second pair of trousers, but I could certainly use the experience!

miss allie


  1. So excited to see your finished weekender wardrobe, what a great idea!

  2. I am in love with Simplicity 5299! I may have to find my own copy and be your twin...

    1. there is still one available on etsy!



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