My Floral Laurel! (not pants!)

I've felt like I'm fighting through my sewing recently. Pants fitting! arghhhhhh!!!

After all these close-up pants fitting posts, how about some nice loose fitting dresses?

I was really feeling in need of some "instant gratification," and I turned to Colette's Laurel. I have made the Laurel several times (my Megan Draper dress and my Lilly Laurel)--it is super easy and fits well. 
So I made two! Here is the first one, a lovely spring/summery shift with a bright floral.

Don't you love this fabric? It's amy butler, and I think it looks just like the fabric from Betty Draper's floral dress.

My original plan was to make a similar fitted sheath, but... ugh. I don't want to bother with that. I don't know, I can always pin out some more and make it more fitted, but this relaxed shape is more practical since my life has more crawling on the ground than lunch dates meetings with politicians.

I only made slight modifications:

1. I lowered the bust dart points by about half an inch.

2. I straightened out the side seams. I consider myself a slender pear which sometimes makes vintage shift patterns annoying to fit, since they seem to be built for someone with a real hourglass figure (the shift from my Weekend Wardrobe pattern, Simplicity 5299, falls in this category). The Laurel has a dramatic curve at the side, such that it gives you, like, hip wings? Anyway, I just used my french curve to straighten it out a little. The hem circumference ends up the same, I just straighten out some of the S-curve. You can see my "enhanced" seam on the left hand side of the dress in the left hand photo down below.

3. This pattern is short. I loooooooove short dresses, the shorter the better in my opinion, but I am also practical (at least, sort of) and I want to be able to wear these dresses to work.

4. I made myself some facing patterns and used those. I know they are supposed to all be bias finished, but whatever. I like facings. I sew and I can make whatever I want, SO THERE.

After all the tedious pants muslins, it is so refreshing to whip up an easy shift, and even more satisfying to see all the nicely finished insides. Plus, now I have a Laurel for both the Draper wives, Betty AND Megan! 

Fabric: Amy Butler's Tumble Roses (from my stash)
Pattern: Laurel, size zero.
Year: Contemporary.
Notions: 22" zip
Time to complete: not long.
Wear again? yes!
Make again? yes.
Cost: $20ish

p.s. I will not be wearing this outside since there are INCHES of snow on the ground--in North Carolina! It is in the process of melting, but that means all the places are not covered in snow are covered in slush.



  1. oh your dress is fantastic! The fit is really good - great work with that! while your thinking about spring sewing, I'm planning my winter wardrobe! And your facings and slip stitches look so neat! I've become a little complacent with those small details - im gonna have to give my self a kick in the butt!

    1. Thanks! Its nice to have blog friends in Australia because I get lots of inspiration for all seasons year round! I can't wait to see what you have planned for winter!

  2. This is really cute! Love the floral print!



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