A Coral Dirndl Skirt

So, this is technically one component of my Weekend Wardrobe pattern... but guess what?

The pattern pieces are all rectangles!

That's right, it's just a dirndl skirt. Easiest part of the Weekend Wardrobe? check.

it's all rectangles! *wink* (ft. unintentional awkward winking)
There's not much to say about this. It's a bright coral cotton sateen from G Street Fabrics. It's all rectangles. I basically ignored the instructions, so I'm not even sure if my lapped zipper is what it's supposed to have or not. It has a waistband button. I hemmed it using the blind hem function on my machine. It's is a LOT of gathering! Ignore the wrinkles!

Making a dirndl skirt is soooo easy (as long as you know how to gather). I could make 100. Do you love the dirndl skirt? Do you love saying dirndl? dirndl dirndl dirndl dirndl


ps: I've been making some blog design updates. I used Rachel's post on photography to figure out how to size my pictures properly, and then decided to update the whole thing. I feel a lot more motivated to post and to share my blog when I feel like it looks good, and I think it looks a lot better/more profesh. What do you think? Any suggestions?

pps: I also added a pin it button! It took me like an hour, and then my computer scientist fiance had to help fix it for like another hour, so you'd better pin a lot of stuff. ahhhhhh html!!!


  1. I like your blog look- it's clean, the pictures are huge... perfect! This color is so nice on you!

    1. Thanks! I feel like they are sooooo big but they are about the same size as Rachel's and only like 100 px wider than yours. And coral is my favorite, I painted my living room almost this same color... my house and I color coordinate, oops

  2. Dirndl! I love that word too! But every time I make them they're not big enough. Maybe I need to make a petticoat? I love the colour! So fantastic!

  3. What pattern did you use for the dirndl? This one looks great!

    1. I never use a pattern when I sew this type of skirt--but I do have a video class walking you through exactly how I make them if you want to check it out: http://skl.sh/1RglLHu



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