There's a First Time for Everything (literally everything, and all in one dress)

First time with lace?

First time with stretch?

First time with Burda's online patterns?

Finally made that Gatsby challenge dress pick from approx. 10000 years ago?
Check it out!

Happy Belated Christmas, everyone.

Sometimes I think it can be good to take on what would be strictly considered "more than you can chew" in a low-stress way, like a costume. That at way you can just dive in without worrying too, too much about whether you mess it up/it's not perfect/etc.

My bff Martha turned 26 this week and threw a 1926-themed party, so obviously I needed a dress. We listened to christmas music and the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby, drank gin fizzes in beautiful vintage glassware, and pouted attractively in front of the camera. We also listened as the birthday girl herself did a dramatic reading of this instant classic (from last year) about Norwegians' deep concern for wood and wood fires.

I curled, teased, and pinned up my hair into a faux bob for that flapper thing, which is not what I typically go for. I watched some youtube videos on 1920s makeup, too (by the way, did you see the 100 years of hair & makeup video? it's swell) and I was quite pleased with my final look!

I wore a mish-mash version of this burda dress. It is vintage... wrong era, but I think I pulled it off as convincingly 20s-y, right?

Okay, that's the last instagram photo for this post!

RE: Dress construction, I threw the instructions out the window (not really, they were on my iphone!) and constructed it however the heck I felt like (spoiler: poorly). Plus, this dress isn't built for lace, so it doesn't have an interlining layer, just the fashion layer and the lining. I do what I want!

...but don't look too closely.

This gives you an idea of the construction: there's a normal, dress shaped lining (in a knit) and then a really wildly shaped outer layer. I opted to just ignore all the instructions because they were literally nonsense. I know burda is known for that but wow! They were really confusing! Plus with my using a lace outside meant you can see the raw edges if you look extremely closely. But no one was going to do that, and I couldn't be bothered to draft facings. (Ha! yeah right.)

Ahhhhhhhhhh! What is that?!

That's where the zipper is supposed to go. Zippers--who needs them? 
The instructions for this dress call for a knit lining and a bias cut velvet, in which case you may have needed a zipper, but I opted for NOT a zipper. The instructions don't have you inserting elastic at the waist, but otherwise my dress was very droopy. 

In conclusion: terrible instagram photos of a girl in a pretty dress, and pretty (or at least focused, you take what you get here) photos of quite possibly the ugliest dress guts ever posted to the internet. phew!  


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