A Peter Pan Collar Shirt

Instead of doing 2014 round-ups, I'm just getting on with it. I did an officially terrible job keeping up with any of my pledges, what with wedding planning, buying a house, general life, etc., so I'm not going to depress everyone by tallying them :) What do you say?

Today, however, I do have a left over bit from my vintage pledge last year: Butterick 3324, a cute little blouse pattern from that Mad Men era which I do so love. It is so convenient that Mad Men was created, since it gives everyone a great search keyword for those earlier 60s patterns. ;)

However, my copy is a 10, a size smaller than my usual vintage pattern size 12. It really is slightly too small, unfortunately.

The reason these pictures are all wrinkly is because I wanted to ask you--yes, you!--for help in fitting this top, so I wore it all day (the collar peeking out from my cardigan) to really get the wrinkles pressed in nicely :) I do think it can be modified to fit without grading up the whole thing--I think the front fits rather well (although I need to change the darts) but the back! It's tight through the back shoulders. If you can't see, there are shoulder darts, which is a great feature on a lot of vintage patterns (and fewer modern, in my experience). 

Can I add some width into the shoulder seams and then take it out in the darts so I don't have to alter the front? Is this the right way to go in fitting this? Should I add width in the front as well? How do those sleeve heads look to you? 

Here's my sweet collar, I just love a nice Peter Pan collar, don't you? Once I remake this blouse I'll pilfer the buttons off this one since these are not very well put on, I don't intend on continuing to wear this version once I have one that fits better!

So, readers, what do you think? Any suggestions as to how to better fit this shirt? 

Happy 2015!

UPDATE: I just read this new pattern hack to rid Colette's violet blouse from facings--I think I'll likely adopt this variation in my next version of this top.



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