Vintage Pattern Haul (video)

Oh heyyy...

My mom sent me a HUGE box of patterns she found while thrift shopping and I thought I would do something fun and make a video instead of just posting pictures. Recording yourself is awkward and weird but I think it turned out alright, except for introducing myself as Miss Allie like a dork instead of just Allie. That's how I introduce myself while working at the library, and it just slips out. You can watch all the awkwardness here or click through to youtube where I have a couple links, too.

If you want to see more non-tutorial live-action weirdness, leave a like on my haul video, and I'll brainstorm some more video ideas. Maybe I could do some video "modeling" instead of pictures in future blogs?

And here's a list of all the patterns you can see in the video, in order of occurrence!

McCall's 2082 bust 34 (1969)
McCall's 8293 bust 33 (1966)
Advance 9690 bust 34 (?)
Simplicity 7019 bust 32 (1967)
Simplicity 8381 bust 32 1/2 (1969)
Simplicity 7366 bust 34 (1967)
Simplicity 9030 bust 30 1/2 (1970)
Advance 8762 bust 34 (?)
McCall's 9711 bust 34 (1969)
McCall's 6655 bust 34 (1962)
McCall's 2146 bust 32 (1969)
Simplicity 8923 bust 32 1/2 (1970)
Simplicity 7133 bust 32 (1967)
McCall's 2432 bust 32 1/2 (1970)
McCall's 8351 bust 32/34 (1966)
Simplicity 8664 bust 35 (1969)
Simplicity 6970 bust 32 (1967)
McCall's 2421 bust 32 1/2 (1970)
Vogue 7810 bust 34 (?)
Simplicity 8098 bust 34 (1969)
McCall's 8151 bust 34 (1965)
Butterick 4799 bust 34 (?)
Butterick 6288 bust 32 1/2 (?)
Simplicity 9332 bust 32 (1971)
Simplicity 5567 bust 32 (1964)


Some other notes of interest:

SIX of these patterns are jumpsuits/overalls/skorts/things that have pants that should not. Even the Vogue evening dress is actually a short or long tunic with the option to wear either a skirt or pants underneath. I'm sure this was very cool when it was printed.

The last pattern, S5567 has what I would call the "overblouse" or more likely the "tunic thingy" listed as a "weskit." Weskit is a term I've never heard before but it apparently means vest and I presume its a version of "waistcoat."

Leave a comment (either here or on youtube) and let me know which your favorites are! I kind of love the crazy flower power overalls in Simplicity 7133 even though they are totally not the look for me!


  1. If I remember I'll scan for you one of my pattern sizing guides from my old simplicity pattern catalogs. The difference is usually in cup size, back neck to waist length, or things like if they're sized to accommodate more flesh on the space from shoulder to shoulder, like a woman of a more mature age might have (its less nice name is a dowager's hump). They did eventually change sizing, just like they have now, where a size 14 is a B36. When they say something like "Misses and Juniors" it usually meant you could buy it either in a misses' size (12, 14, etc.) or a juniors size/drafted for a juniors body shape (9, 11, 13 or 9jp - 9 junior petite, for example).
    And I love Zooey...I knew exactly what you were talking about with TH, so you're not a dork!

    1. Thanks! I feel like the McCall's sizing information I reference is from your blog, maybe?
      And don't those illustrations just look like they cam straight out of her collection?? I think it's the red white and blue color scheme.

  2. You did well for your video! :D That is a nice little stash you received.

    I particularly like sewing Vogue patterns. I have always liked them better. I don't know if you've ever used, but it's great for dating patterns. I rarely come across patterns that aren't listed there.

    This is my first time to your blog so I'm going to have a look around. (I came from your FB link on We Sew Retro.)

    1. Thanks! I have actually never made a vintage vogue pattern, but everyone obviously raves about them. Vogue has an extraordinary history of making beautiful patterns.

      I love that wiki, too :) It's so useful!

      And welcome, I hope you find it entertaining/useful/interesting!

  3. i'm only just watching this now!! i've had it open on my browser for ages waiting for the right time to watch it and omg what a great haul! and you sound so adorable! i have that pyjama/nightshirt pattern and it looks like im gonna have to embroider the monogram onto the pocket say with cross stitch or something...
    I totally need to finish writing the blog series too! we're so close to talking about my favourite year 1967!
    Oh and so many overall patterns! i just got one that has little circle cut outs on the side just cause

    oh and you should totally make a jumper/pinny dress. their so fun to have for winter! xoxo



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