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I've been spending so much time on instagram this month checking out everyone's makes, have you? It's such a great platform for Me-Made-May!

One person that I love to follow on instagram (besides all you beautiful and creative and inspiring people) is the designer Zac Posen. Do you follow him? You should! Here's why:

A photo posted by @zac_posen on

In addition to living a glamorous life and posting delicious-looking homemade meals, every so often, you get this incredible sneak peek at the construction of his gowns. Honestly, these are more "elaborate architectural structure" than "dress."

I don't follow haute couture (or even like, NYFW) at all, so I have no background in fashion (or Fashion with a capital F, maybe) but dang, that sewing!!

Do you follow any inspiring couturiers? I'd love recommendations--I just can't get enough of those interior shots!


ps: he also has a pinterest board called Around the Atelier that features more behind-the-scenes works in progress shots. Just look at that draping! It doesn't help if your model is Dita von Teese, either.


  1. Done! I need to start following more of these. My latest instagram obsession is vintage jewellery..

    1. Ooh! I love vintage costume jewelry but never thought to peek on instagram!

  2. I aDORE Zac's Instagram... it's so cool to get an inside look at his beautiful garments!

    1. I know! It's expecially incredible since the final garments look so effortless. Structured, but effortless.

  3. atelier's in instagram! omg like it wasn't addictive enough!



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