Me Made May 2015

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Me Made May last year. 

I, Allie, of allie J., sign up as a participant of Me Made May 2015. I endeavor to wear at least one article of me-made clothing each day for the duration of May 2015.

This year, my lovelies, I will be participating in Me Made May, but mostly just on Instagram. You can follow me @alliemass (or click on my instagram slideshow on the right of my blog). I'll be using all the usual hashtags: #sewing, #memademay, #memade, #mmm15, (#selfie, #nofilter, #bae, #sexy) etc. etc. 

Are you with me? Leave your insta in the comments, and follow me, I follow back :)


ps: i'm also going to try starting "what i wore" or "work in progress" posts, which ever is applicable, on wednesdays. this is not necessarily as part of Me Made May, but it's a convenient time to start it up!

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