Two Years Ago (& today)

As I mentioned in my Me-Made-May pledge post, I'm participating mostly via instagram this year, but I wanted to check in since we're about half way through! I know this month can be annoying, but I do think it is a good time to reflect on your handmade wardrobe in a more casual way.

You know how sometimes you look back on past fashion choices and think "whyyyyyyyyyy?" Although I never had a goth or emo or whatever phase as a teenager, I think we as sewers sometimes look back on past makes and have the same sort of reaction as you might to embarrassing middle school photos. Especially as beginners, that turn over happens really fast as you gain skills and techniques.

Generally I don't think my what I wore posts will be such downers, but I suppose this is a hazard of looking back at past makes. I made this dress just two years ago (almost to the day!), and already there are so many things that I would do differently.

I feel like although I do have many more options this year for Me-Made-May, I am also becoming more particular in my wardrobe choices. When I look at a lot of my options, I think: nope, not feeling it. Some of this is because I am learning what I like to wear and feel good in, but most of it is because my sewing has improved! I'm not a perfect sewer by any stretch of the imagination, but just look at this bust dart. Where is it going?

So there are some things in my stash of me-mades that won't get worn this year, and that's okay. I will have about the same number of garments as I did in 2013 and 2014, so expect some repeats, but that's okay too. I see improvement in that compared to previous years, I do think Me-Made-May has gotten easier--not because I have more options, but because the options I do have in rotation I feel better about wearing!

dress: Lilly Laurel | shoes: Jack Rogers


ps: i'm totally stealing the "what I wore" idea from Rachel--a lot of times I see everyone's interesting sewing projects just after completion and then they are never seen again!


  1. Oh man, I've definitely got some weird garments in my closet when I didn't understand bust dart placement! But just sewing something that looked like a piece of clothing was an accomplishment back then! You don't realize how much you've learned until you look at some of your older makes and then, wow!

    1. It's so great to look back and see how far you've come, isn't it?

  2. oh yeah i totally have this feel. there are things in my burdastyle studio that im just like whyyyyyyy???? but also i have plucked things out of my draws that i once thought "why" and now im like yessssss! in particular two jumpers i made which i thought were naff cause their too puffy but now i just wanna wear them all the time! But if you can pull out old things and know how to fix them then go ahead!

    are you going to shorten this dress and maybe make it more fitted?

    1. I don't really know what I'm going to do with it! The bust darts are the craziest bit, which means I can wear it with a cardigan and look fine. I might take it apart and re-cut the "bodice" part lower, which would make it shorter, too.



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