(very brief) Me Made May Wrap-up

As I said half-way through, Me Made May is a nice time to reflect on your handmade wardrobe without going all Wardrobe Architect (not that that program is a bad thing, just way too organized for disorganized little me). So here's my super-mini round-up!

My favorite thing I wore all month (that was not my wedding dress):

It probably helped that I was on vacation, on my honeymoon, going out to a really great dinner.

What did I wear?
5 different skirts, 8 different tops, 6 different dresses, 1 setacular two-piece, 1 pair of pants, and 1 wedding dress.

What did I wear most? my Lacy Laurel top (3 times) and all of my full skirts (basically every day).

And what have I learned? 
1. A full skirt is always a good idea--I wear them all the time.
2. I have more tops than I think I do, but still feel like I need more tops--there's something going on here! I never wear them, usually reaching for a knit tee.
3. Simplicity 2154 actually fits well and I like the collar and I should mess with it some more.
4. I don't have any "going out" clothes--just plain work-appropriate clothes and fancy frocks. (This is an issue in my non-handmade wardrobe as well.)
5. If I had worn my chambray two-piece dress every time I wanted too, it would have been worn to like every weekend event--I just feel cool in it. This kind of goes with #3--it's going going out clothes for me. I should make more matched sets? more crop tops?
6. Doing Me-Made-May on instagram was a really good idea. Way easier than doing pictures + blog posts.
7. I really should have called my Dinner and a Movie post "Me Made Mad Max." opportunity missed.

Here is where I would usually ask "What did y'all learn from doing Me-Made-May this year?" but I'm feeling pretty good in assuming I'll hear on everyone's blogs with no need to ask! ;)


ps: wedding dress pictures are forthcoming--i'm waiting on the photographer!


  1. These all sound like great realizations! I'm with you in that Wardrobe Architect just sounds wayyyyyy too organized (and I'll be honest... too much like homework!), so it's nice to have a much more informal way to think about what we wear! I felt very boring this year because I repeated items so often, but that probably tells me what I actually wear and what I should make more of!

    The dress in your photo is so completely gorgeous- I can see why you love it!

  2. What a fun wrap up! if i had read thise post 2 weeks earlier i totally would have copied your format! i didnt finish posting about my me made may. but i also gave up on the last week cause it just got too fricken cold to wear my me mades!



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