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The acquisition of a puppy has slowed my sewing output, so today I'm checking in with progress on my Vintage Pledge!

Last year, I participated in Marie's Vintage Pledge, deciding to sew up five different vintage patterns. I even had them all picked out! I planned on making two pajama patterns (one for me and one for my man), a blouse, my Weekender Wardrobe pattern (one pattern consisting of a top, jacket, dress, skirt, pants, and shorts), and, of course, my wedding dress.

my weekend wardrobe--love those ladies!
Why I thought I could do all that, I have no idea.

I failed miserably, with a final tally of one unfinished pajama top (for me), an ill-fitting blouse, part of my Weekender Wardrobe (I managed the shorts, skirt, and pants before abandoning the project entirely, oops), and some parts of a muslin of a future wedding dress. So, let's say about 1 out of 5 if we lump all the partially-completed projects together?

This year, I pledged something I had to knew I  could finish: my wedding dress. (I finished it, fyi.)

But, what do you know, without the guilt of an unfinished Very Important Project lurking around, it's much easier to sew for fun! I've been sewing up a (relative) storm!

In fact, I would have completed my last year's pledge easily at the rate I'm going now, having sewn up the six vintage patterns you see here already (with successful results, even), and with 6 more months still to go!

Here's the tally so far:
McCall's 7704, from 1965: January Sunshine skirt
Simplicity 6220, from 1965: a wedding guest dress
Simplicity 4888, from ca. 1963: a couple of blouses
Simplicity 3480, from ca. 1960s: my nani IRO set top
Simplicity 5299, from ca. 1960s: my nani IRO set shorts
of course, my wedding dress (still forthcoming)!

And on my cutting table? Simplicity 4513, another overblouse/crop top pattern from ca. early 1960s, Simplicity 4218, a slip/lingerie pattern from 1962... 

and hopefully Simplicity 5040, a shirtwaist dress pattern from 1963.

If you can't tell, I really do love the 60s Simplicity patterns. Simplicity is my jam. No Vogue for this girl, apparently--I know what I like and I like simple and basic.

How is your Vintage Pledge going, if you are participating (you should!)? Do you tend to stick with one brand/era of patterns, or do you hop all over the place?


ps: all pictures via the Vintage Pattern Wikia--this website is so great, fyi 

allie J.


  1. Ah man, you're in that glory moment when kicking butt and taking names. Relish it.

  2. You choose the loveliest designs from the early sixties! That has to be my favorite era, really: the transitional period around late fifties and early sixties. It's still got the cute fullness and feminine shape of the 50s but the quirky details are already simplified and the silhouette is easier on the (modern) body. Certainly the sweetest era to sew and your patterns are to die for. I want to make all of them now! Waaah! Those jiffy blouses are a must.

    1. Early 60s is my preferred era; i agree entirely with your assessment :) I'm excited about the Jiffy blouses, too--they were sort of a spurge since i already owned the first crop top pattern (3480) but I liked that these ones didn't have a back seam since I plan on making them super boxy!

  3. These are all gorgeous, elegant patterns, what a collection!

    1. Thank you! I have wayyyy more patterns than I could actually sew (well, maybe if I sewed as fast as Lladybird I could?) but I just love buying them, and I do actually make a lot of them!

  4. oh youre so gosh darn productive!! i really cant wait to see McCall's 7704 all finished - that one looks so cute! i made a skirt yesterday which didnt end up fitting cause ive been eating too many cookies... but anyhoo! at least youve got your vintage sewing sewjo back!

    1. Cookies are worth it ;) Actually, do australians say cookies or biscuits? for 7704, I just made the skirt, but the jacket looks cute too! I wish I wore more blazers/jackets, I only ever reach for my store-bought cardigans!

    2. we say both! Cookies are more like cream filled like oreos or chocolate chip cookies. Something with substance. Biscuits are flat and are a bit more plain and dry with maybe a little sugar sprinkled on them. We have these ones called arrowroot biscuits which are boring but lovely with a cup of tea and babies love them too. I know in the US you have biscuits which to us are more like a scone to have with jam, cream and Devonshire tea. We have a funny mix of British and more and more American words and foods!

      I have two jacket patterns ready to do which i should totally do cause its winter right now!

  5. You've been sewing up a storm! I'm a simplicity gal too, I have plenty of patterns from the other companies but I always seem to reach for a simplicity one.

    1. It almost feels like i'm being lazy since I think they are supposed to be the easiest/least fashion-forward but I just really like vintage Simplicity! Besides, if I want little embellishments, it's typically easy enough to make them up as you go.



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