Work in Progress: nani IRO Top, Shorts, and Skirt


I'm currently working to remedy the sad lack of "going out" clothing I noticed during Me Made May this year by sewing some cool crop tops! I got this great (actually, great doesn't even cover it) nani IRO double gauze and I'm making view 1 of Simplicity 3480 with the sleeves. I'll also be making a matching slim-ish skirt and the shorts from Simplicity 5299 (made previously here). I added a lazy inch onto the bottom of the shorts because damn those things are short! I obviously haven't started sewing those at all, but my top is practically complete--just need to finish the sleeves. 

I posted about it over there, but if you don't follow me on facebook, June is nani IRO month over at Miss Matatabi (her etsy store is where I got this gorgeous fabric). There's a huge giveaway and guest bloggers all month. I'm not guest blogging unfortunately but I'll be sewing my own little outfit and there is lots of inspiration over on the Miss Matatabi blog if you're feeling blah, so head over!  


ps: i said before that I would be doing work in progress posts on wednesdays (trading with what I wore posts) but this is the first one--welcome!

allie J.


  1. this is cute! will it be another weekend wardrobe sort of thing? Nani Iro is quite tricky to find here, but there are some place to buy it. ill check out Mrs Matatabi instead!

    1. Thank you! I always feel like my somewhat demure me-mades don't quite have it on the weekend, so I'm trying to make some more versatile things that might work for nights out!



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