Petticoats: Yay or Nay?

"vintage" photos c/o iPhone camera

I by no means consider myself a true vintage blogger. There are so many ladies out there who are dedicated to their look--pin curls every day, bullet bras, the whole thing. I sew from vintage patterns, yes, but my interpretation are never that strict. I play around with decades and styles and mix and match and generally play around. That's why I've chosen "modern midcentury" as my little motto rather than the other way around (I felt pretty clever for coming up with it).

That said, I did just indulge my more vintage side and buy a petticoat! I don't consider this to be a particularly practical or everyday purchase, but its so fun to flounce around in and I felt super glamorous wearing it (and only a little bit silly). I wore it out to dinner this weekend--my amazing coworkers got Alex and I a giftcard to this great ramen shop for a wedding present, so we stopped in for dinner. Luckily it was raining out and there was no wait, because the ramen chef at the counter said usually it would have been at least an hour! Afterwards we went to the Atomic Fern, a new bar that I was hoping would be sort of retro, based on the name? It was not, but they had lots of good euro games to play while you drank (and a Doctor Who poster) so I was happy!


I also tried out a new hair style to go with my more-vintage-than-usual look. It's sort of, but not really, a victory roll.

Anyway, what do you think about petticoats? Do they make an outfit too costumey? Is costumey a bad thing? Would you wear one?


ps: i did a bunch of "research" (reading blogs) before deciding to go with the petticoat i chose. i don't have anything to compare it to really, but i'm pleased with my purchase--it's poofy but not toooo poofy, and it's not scratchy at all.

allie J.


  1. Yes to petticoats! ( But i don't have one.) I think you will wear it often now that you have bought it. What a lovely gift from your co-workers.

  2. I love petticoats! Like you, I originally bought one for occasional wear...then that quickly became three, worn several times a week! I just think they give the loveliest silhouette (though I am a sucker for New Look styles), and there's nothing like the feeling of them swishing and kicking around your legs :) I don't think they look costumey at all, and I always receive so many compliments when I'm wearing them (usually under a me-made dress or skirt). Viva la petticoat!

    1. I was going to comment on your most recent blog post (your green satin skirt) about your petticoats! I agree, they're lovely to swish around in :)

  3. I have one and just wear it to the rare parties I go to. I love the feel but not when I'm sitting down!

  4. Super cute! I'm kind of on the fence about them too, but I sorta want one to swish around in :)

  5. I don't have one, but hell yes!

  6. i kind of want a petticoat for when i do wear big skirts, but i am worried ill get one that's too short or too long and it will be obvious. but your one looks pretty good! i did also think about making one with tulle layers but i would have to make an underskirt so it wasn't itchy!



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