Happy (Indie!) Halloween

I'm a children's librarian, and at my library, we do halloween up. A week of costumes, guessing games, spooky story times, etc., etc. Wait--what? A week of costumes? omg, it's october 14th and I have nothing to wear.

For those of you who also have nothing to wear for your Halloween shenanigans, I thought I'd do a little round up, matching an indie pattern to a costume (or a few). Support independent pattern designers, make a one-of-a-kind costume, and have something cute to wear through November!


Sexy Cat/Mouse/Bunny/Tiger/Whatever
Accessorize with the animal ears/tail/makeup of your choice for that Mean Girls look. Works as a dress, or, for the very daring, try the bodysuit option! Costume choices are only limited by the animal print knits you can find.
other possibilities: Playboy bunny (bodysuit version + ears/tail, bowtie), sexy skeleton (+ felt bone cut outs), sexy witch (+ witch hat), kardashian (+ wig, countouring)


Pirate (blouse version), Hippie (dress version)
Sew up a version of the blouse in white silk for a luxe take on a pirate outfit--wear your brown leather boots, salt spray your hair, and add an eyepatch (or black liner a la Captain Jack Sparrow.) Request this song at any parties you attend. Alternately, try the dress variation in a sweet paisley and flatiron your hair for a 70s hippie outfit. Throw lots of peace signs. 
other possibilities: medieval wench (+ some type of corset-y thing), ghost (in white), historical figure in their pajamas (+ a wig and night cap)


90s Grunge Icon/Lumberjack
Really, if you make a plaid flannel Archer (and it seems like everyone has, right?), it could go either way. Accessorize with either a guitar (not a nice one, please!) or an axe (not a real one, please!) and boots and you're good to go.
other possibilities: #basicbitch who loves fall (+ PSL, boots/uggs, leggings, blanket scarf), Socality Barbie (+ beanie, instagram frame, fake lashes)
alternate patterns: Sewaholic Granville


Ye Ye Girl/Beat Poet/Audrey Hepburn
Basically anything sixties? Stripes or a mod print for a Ye Ye girl, add some oversized eyelashes for a mod girl/Twiggy, Black with black trousers & flats for "Funny Face" Audrey, black with black trousers & flats AND sunglasses indoors for a beat poet.
other possibilities: lifestyle blogger (in a breton stripe + red lip, oversized glasses, giant camera), Star Trek woman (Lt. Uhura, please!), Kate Middleton (+ wedges, navy blazer, ring)
alternate patterns: anything Tilly


Christine Haynes Emery Dress
Alice in Wonderland/Dorothy (of Oz)
These are basically the same costume, just with different props. Then, starting November 1, you have a pretty blue dress to wear.
other possibilities: Mad Men woman (Trudy or Betty), a pretty witch (+ hat, broomstick), pretty cat/mouse (or anything from the nettie idea, but sub pretty for sexy)
alternate patterns: any pattern actually from the 50s/60s

What are you doing for halloween? Are you making, buying, or reusing a costume? Which is your favorite? 


ps: last year i was all children's book characters: olivia, fly guy, a rainbow magic fairy, madeline, and my favorite: angelina ballerina!

allie J.

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