Autumn in Asheville

what i wore: vintage cape and simplicity 7737 | allie J. |

I've been a bit slack on my Wednesday series, What I Wore and Work in Progress. Some weeks I'm wearing repeat outfits and the sewing room is a disaster zone and I simply don't have anything particularly pretty to share!

This past week, though, I took a trip to Asheville, NC. It's only about 4 hours from our house, so my husband and I love going there for long weekends. There are about 100 breweries in town, and it's nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains, so we can do some hiking and then rehydrate! We've been to Asheville several times, so this time, we made a point of going to restaurants and breweries we had never visited before.

what i wore: vintage cape and simplicity 7737 | allie J. |

Our first stop--before we even checked in to our AirBnB--was the brand new Sierra Nevada Brewery. This was one of the biggest breweries/brewpubs I'd ever been to, the other one being Surly in Minneapolis (the best brewery/restaurant ever), and this one was definitely larger. It was vast. Asheville is becoming something of a destination for beer lovers, and some of the larger breweries like Sierra Nevada are capitalizing on this popularity and building brewpubs nearby.

We each had a beer and some snacks on the patio--I'm standing in front of the stage where they have live music in the warmer months. Wooster the Goldendoodle was so pleased to be out of the car after his long road trip!

what i wore: vintage cape and simplicity 7737 | allie J. |

I wore my black rayon twill version of Simplicity 7737 with a vintage cape I picked up on etsy maybe five years ago. (psst: there's a near identical match in the shopstyle widget down at the bottom!!! [those are affiliate links, fyi]) It's an orangey camel color with a fairly bright orange lining. I'm not sure who thought that was a good idea, but it is very autumnal! I love this cape--It's one of the reasons I'm so excited to make Simplicity 8017. I have it muslined, I'm just waiting for the perfect coating fabric. I really want a nice (impractical?) pink... we'll see!

what i wore: vintage cape and simplicity 7737 | allie J. |  what i wore: vintage cape and simplicity 7737 | allie J. |

The next night we went to The Admiral, which is on the other side of town from most of the popular, more touristy breweries. Alex saw that it consistently wins both the "fine dining" and "dive bar" awards in Asheville... we obviously had to check it out. It was a snug little restaurant with no standing room even at the bar, so we waited outside by their nice fire with our drinks while waiting for our reservation. 

I love wearing my charcoal gray flannel peplum top during the colder months, it's nice and cosy but still looks put together. It's just the bodice of a vintage day dress pattern with a very short skirt long ruffle on the bottom. With my black gertie pants and a little purse from one of my besties, it's an easy vintage-meets-modern ensemble. Add a glass of champagne and you're set!


ps: Wooster's favorite place was everywhere. he got compliments and cuddles from everyone we saw, and i'm not exaggerating just because he's my favorite doggy.  seriously though, asheville is super dog-friendly!

allie J.

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  1. "100 breweries" sounds like hyperbole, but I can assure everyone that it is not!

  2. CRAZY that they are selling vintage style capes! I wore a cape back in 1979.

  3. I hope you didn't miss the 50s dance party at the admiral! It used to be every saturday night, but I guess that was 6 years ago now. I hope they are still doing it!

    1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea they did an dance party--we were there on Saturday and didn't see anything but we also left around 9, so maybe we just didn't stick around long enough.



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