#vintagepledge Year End Wrap-Up

my favorite #vintagepledge make of the year.

Congratulations on another successful year of Vintage Pledging, friends! In my case, I was much more successful this year than last. Since basically all of the patterns I use are vintage (well, or retro/repro) this is doubling as my year-end round up as well, although I'm not including everything I've made!

yellow skirt | allie J. | alliemjackson.com
I brightened up January with a wool skirt in a fantastic shade of pencil yellow (McCalls 7704, 1965).

February brought a continued quest for a decent little white blouse (Simplicity 4888, c1963). Still not quite achieved, sadly enough.

In April I began the "muslin" for my wedding dress jacket and spent a zillion years hand sewing a black lace jacket (Simplicity 5343, 1963). I learned so much, but I sooo hated it.

simplicity 6220 | allie J. | alliemjackson.com
One of my favorite pieces of the year, I wore this aquamarine silk cocktail dress to about a zillion May weddings (Simplicity 6220, 1965).

And I wore this pink silk confection (Simplicity 5343, 1963) to my own!

nani IRO
I splurged on my first Nani Iro fabric (from Miss Matatabi, of course) in June and made this extra-cool matched set from two vintage patterns (Simplicity 3480, date unknown but 50s/60s; Simplicity 5299, date unknown but 50s/60s).

In July I wrote a guest post for the Sewcialists blog about a vintage silk slip (Simplicity 4218, c1960) and I did some frankenpatterning and a bit of freestyle draping to make myself a tiki-inspired dress (Simplicity 5343, 1963; McCall's 7704, 1965).

1969 nightgown | allie J. | alliemjackson.com
I wrote a tutorial so you could DIY a 1969 nightgown in August (McCall's 2137, 1969).

And another tutorial in September, this time about how I deal with awkward princess seam darts, common in bullet-bra era patterns. I also shared one of my first makes, a blue wool shift in a perfect shape (Simplicity 7737, 1968).

wednesday addams dress | allie J. | alliemjackson.com
I used my improved sewing skills to make another version of that blue shift in October, this time using a black rayon twill and adding a self-drafted collar for a Wednesday Addams look (Simplicity 7737, 1968).

60s lilly pulitzer style dress | allie J. | alliemjackson.com
Catherine very kindly sent me a length of vintage fabric in November and we sewed up matching sundresses, mine a 1960s Lilly Pulitzer lookalike (Simplicity 7194, 1967).

simplicity 8013 | allie J. | alliemjackson.com
And finally, in December, Emily and I hosted a 1970s sewing project for which I sewed ten yards of rayon into a glamourous holiday gown (Simplicity 8013, repro). I have since worn it to multiple holiday parties (with plans to wear it to two more) so I'm trying my best to get as much use out of an admittedly somewhat impractical dress as possible.

It's safe to say I completed my pledge--and maybe made up for last year's failure as well! I did a lot of sewing this year (something I'd like to continue in 2016!) and most of it was vintage. What about you? Did you complete your pledge? What was your favorite vintage make of the year? Are you ready to pledge yourself to vintage once again in the new year? I am!


ps: don't forget you have until december 31st at midnight (UK time) to enter into the vintage pledge competition on pinterest!!

allie J.

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  1. Wow you have some really pretty dresses!! Love them, especially the Pulitzer lookalike! Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Thanks Emily, I'm pretty pleased with that one myself! Happy 2016!

  2. Such lovely makes! I look forward to seeing your creations in 2016 x

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I'm hoping to get lots of sewing in this year :)

  3. Great pieces! I especially love the green gown 💚

    Xo, Stephanie



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