A Full Floral Skirt

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I rarely use patterns when I make skirts, preferring to just whack out a dirndl. It's easy to just throw together a couple of rectangles and you can hem it by machine! But I made an exception for Butterick 6285, one of the new(ish) releases in the "Patterns by Gertie" Butterick line.

Sewing, Blogging, & Consumption

learning how to use my camera step one towards being a better blogger.

Y'all, I have a bit of a conundrum here today.

1. I want to blog more consistently and 2. I don't want to blog fluff but 3. I'm not sure how I feel about 52+ completed projects a year.

One of my resolutions this year was to blog more consistently, since this is always one of the top tips for better blogging (whatever that means). I do think as sewing bloggers that can be a bit of a challenge, though. I may not have a completed item to post about every week, and when I tried to step up my posting last year, I felt a bit guilty about posting little snapshots of works-in-progress.

This issue of needing "something to post" also gets into the consumption aspect of sewing. My good friend Alex from Craigle & Co. recently linked to an article written by a fashion journo about her (failed) resolution to buy only 15 things in 2015--but make them perfect ones. She eventually succumbed to the call of fast fashion, but I think her plan was a good one. When I read fashion blogs I marvel over the sheer amount of stuff they have! I think most of it they donate or resell, right? Otherwise, they would be absolutely swimming in "last season" clothing. Do these prolific sewists do the same? I would definitely consider buying 52 items of clothing in a single year excessive--although the national per person average is about 68 garments, according to the author of Overdressed--so what makes sewing 52 items different?

I think sewing, rather than buying, clothes does have more inherent value--we're learning new techniques and skills, we're challenging ourselves, we're making puzzles of patterns and fabric into something useful. We're not just swiping a card (although we're probably typing in the numbers at Mood online).

a quick snap of an easy project from my instagram--where quick snaps belong?

All of this just to say:

I am going to try and make 52 things this year--something new and shiny to show off every week--but I'm also striving to learn something new with each item I make, whether that new skill be big (like tailoring a blazer) or little (like installing a zipper guard in a dress). That way, I won't feel so guilty about so much consumption, I'll learn a few things, and hopefully increase the quality of my handmade clothes--not to mention maybe provide some Work in Progress post fodder.

Finally, what type of posts would you like to see more of from me? What I Wore posts with how I'm styling my handmade pieces? Work In Progress posts with how my projects are coming together? Wardrobe/Sewing Planning? Tutorials? What about Beauty/Lifestyle? Fitness? Introspective rambles like this one? (Not.) Just don't say more completed items ;)


ps: phew! thanks for making it through that post--january is a time for self-absorption thoughtful self-reflection, right?

allie J.

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A Simple Marinière

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Remember my Kate Middleton inspiration board from way back in August? I've jokingly been calling it my "Kate Capsule"in my head ever since, and though it's been slow going, I have been making progress!

Inspiration: Outerwear

Currently inspired by...

this (old) Kate Spade faux fur popover: 
Her Catwalk is the Sidewalk:

a neutral cape and full skirt (via Atlantic Pacific):

this convertible coat (pattern!) from Dressy Talk:
Which one is your favorite? What color(s) would you choose for a cape or a dressy coat? I'd better get sewing...


ps: i've never sewn with faux fur before but that silhouette looks like a super easy intro, right?

allie J.

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Triplets Sewing Challenge: Collars and Cuffs

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Hello to allie J. readers and welcome to those stopping in from Sewing the 60s or Style Sixties!

Catherine from Sewing the 60s and I previously challenged each other to make matching dresses with the same fabric and you can see the results here and here. This time around, we invited Sarah from Style Sixties to join us in sewing some coordinating clothing. I've always admired Sarah's sewing projects and deep knowledge of the 1960s, her decade of choice when it comes to fashion (and music). Plus, it is fun to have a participant from three different English-speaking countries: Catherine from Australia, Sarah from England, and me from the United States. I'm sure if we all met up we would have quite a laugh figuring out what we were all saying...

My Very Favorite Nail Polish

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Okay, okay, I know this is a primarily sewing blog, but some things, one must share.

Welcome, 2016.

My black lace jacket, which was my practice jacket for my wedding dress.

Last year I just skipped my year round tally and got on with it. Sorry, though: this year you're stuck with the year-end round up and the obligatory New Year's Resolution post! But I have some big goals this year, both in my sewing, and in my blogging...


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