My Very Favorite Nail Polish

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Okay, okay, I know this is a primarily sewing blog, but some things, one must share.

I--and I suspect some of y'all as well--have spent an embarrassing amount of time and money looking for "perfect" nail polishes, especially a great classic nude. My vanity is strewn with basically every shade of off-white and taupe and pale pink in sheers and opaques.

nail polish | allie J. | But I'm ready to throw them all away and just keep this and this (my favorite pinks), this (my go-to black), and the star of this particular post, the best nude polish ever.

Essie's polish in the shade "Allure" is now my #1 favorite--just ask my husband, who really doesn't get my obsession with it but manages to tolerate my fawning over my nails whenever I've painted them this shade.

nail polish | allie J. |
It's a sheer, almost milky color that doesn't streak like some of my other Essie polishes, and leaves your nails looking fresh and amazing. I think it gives the illusion that you put on clear nail polish--and you just happen to have, like, the whitest, cleanest, prettiest nails naturally. I think for this reason it could work on a lot of different skin tones.

You're in no danger of this space becoming a beauty blog, but I did want to share this teensiest bit of my beauty product stash since I'm totally in love. Anyway, who wants to see old, chipped polish feeding your fabric through your nice machine?

Do you mix it up with your nail polish, or stick to a few favorite shades? Do you have tried and true polishes like you have tried and true patterns?


ps: rumor has it this is the polish Kate Middleton wears...

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  1. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It's off-topic but I couldn't keep it to myself!

  2. I get regular manicures (addicted to gelish) but when I do have a break for a week or so I often use Rimmel's 60s second nail polishes as they have a great range of colours. I like this nail polish though, it has a really nice sheen to it.

    1. Do you find that gel manis hold up better to hand sewing? I have never gotten one but they always look so pretty and shiny.



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