Friday Favorites

konmaried my closet and I'm really so surprised how much of my wardrobe is me mades (even after retiring a bunch of older makes, yikes!)

messing around with my camera settings, working on a post for y'all 

weekly trades with my #instagramhusband: blog photography in exchange for beers at ponysaurus (rough deal huh?)

got this gorgeous little thing in my mailbox from Bosom Buddy Bags (heart eyes emoji)

prepping for #MMMay16... get ready!!


ps: have a great weekend, and thanks, y'all, so much for reading!

allie J.

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  1. Hi Allie, your closet of me mades is very inspiring - not to mention it all looks gorgeous! Love your trading favours idea with your #instagram husband too - very clever!!

    1. Thank you! Not everything is me made yet, but I'm working towards that goal.



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