Social Sew #1: Spring Showers

Welcome to a new series here on allie J. I'm calling the Social Sew!

This will be a monthly link party (I hate that term, don't you?) for apparel sewing. Each month, we'll have a theme--one that is specific enough to hopefully provide some motivation, and yet flexible enough that you can make it your own. 

April's theme will be Spring Showers! 

I'm hoping to make that trench coat I've been meaning to get around to, but you could make a dress in a springy print, a rain coat, a snuggy for when the drizzle really gets to you (totally counts as apparel sewing, right?), an outfit for a baby shower, really anything you can think of that is in some way related to the theme.

The link up will be open from the 1st of the month (at about 8 am est) and will last until the next one opens. 

Some rules: 
1. This is for adult apparel sewing, so no kids clothes or home decorating (unless specified otherwise in the theme).
2. Newly blogged garments, please: the things you add to the link up should be made in the month the link up is for. Remember, the theme and the link up are there to inspire you! 
3.  Please click on the logo above to download it, and put it either in the post you are linking up, or in your sidebar. I'd also love a appreciate you linking to the Social Sew--the more people who discover it, the more participation we'll have, the more inspiration! 

Upcoming themes:
April (this month) | Spring Showers
May | Me Made Basics
June | Sun Dressing
July | Vintage

If you have any problems linking up, etc., let me know and I'll try and sort it out right away.


ps: i'm starting with four months and we'll see how it goes. can't wait to see what you make!

allie J.

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  1. I may have to interpret Spring Showers a little loosely for April, but I should have May nailed. We'll see how real life meets up with my overly ambitious sewing plans.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Oh that sounds like a great challenge, and a way to motivate myself to actually sew something!

    1. Good, that's what I was hoping to accomplish--I designed it to be broad enough that you could wedge almost anything into the theme is you wanted to, but narrow enough that those of us who weren't sure quite what to sew would maybe be a bit inspired!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I can totally make something spring-y!

  4. thanks for doing this! It is always good to have some inspiration and motivation!

  5. this is such a cool idea! I SO wish i could sew!

  6. I wish I could sew! That's so cool that you plan on making a trench. Can't wait to see what it ends up looking like.

  7. I was just thinking I needed to dust the sewing machine off for a home project. I've never sewn clothes but you are tempting me! ;)



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