Friday Favorites: Rocky Mountain National Park

Views of Rocky Mountain National Park

Two weeks ago Alex and I took a vacation--our belated honeymoon, really--to Rocky Mountain National Park. We both enjoy hiking and do not enjoy planning, so we did this for four days and five nights. It was so fun--we hiked about 10 miles a day and then were able to shower and change into clean(-ish) clothes for a hot dinner and drinks. We hiked down the eastern side of the park which was just beautiful, with panorama views of the Rockies. Our highest ascent was about 11,000 at the peak of Estes Cone, but I'd love to come back for some of the 14ers!

I do say "clean-ish" clothing because although the organizer Phebe did transport our luggage, we were only allowed one carry-on sized suitcase, so I did a lot of outfit repeating and remixing! I did bring several handmade items: my rose quartz dress, my gingham archer, my Sewaholic leggings and top, and my new Seamly cardi which was perfect for travel! I took fewer outfit shots than I intended (read: none, oops) but I had the most fun accessorizing my rose quartz dress to look fresh every night: I wore it once as seen "as intended" with some statement earrings, once loose with the sash tied as a neck bow, and once more casually with a leather belt and wedges.

It was an amazing trip and a wonderful way to celebrate our first anniversary and my birthday and our wedding. We're already scheming to get back to the mountains on a similar trip--maybe this one??

Are you an outdoorsy type? Ever been on a backpacking trip? My longest trip ever is five nights, and I will admit I smelled much worse at the end of those trips--hot showers and beds along with your 10 mile days is the way to go!!


ps: the same organizer who plans this trip also has one in Alsace which I am saving my pennies for! doesn't it look amazing? 

allie J.

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  1. I grew up going to Estes Park/RMNP, we have a cabin there. Your pictures are lovely and making me homesick! Looks like you hit a lot of the good stuff. ;o) Congrats on your 1st anniversary and getting a lot of use out of your self-sewn clothing!

  2. Beautiful photographs. I feel great wearing my me made items too. I think packing for a trip and seeing all the items I have made makes me feel good. Congrats!

  3. Wow, what a fun trip! And the scenery is amazing! I'm very outdoorsy and would love to do a trip of this length, but I'm married to a distinctly NON-outdoorsy type and I've yet to persuade him to do a hike longer than a few hours! :D



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