Inspiration: the Sun Dressing Social Sew

After a depressingly gloomy, hard-to-dress-for Me Made May, June has arrived and I'm finally feeling like summer is here--we've had a few pretty hot days down here in North Carolina already. The neighborhood pool is open (although I haven't quite made it there yet), school is out in just a few days, and the library where I work is absolutely full of kids reading comic books and families checking out audiobooks for road trips. All of this means it's time for the Sun Dressing Social Sew

Remember, my main goal is designing the Social Sew link-up was to make the theme narrow enough that someone unsure of what to make next could find some guidance, but broad enough that someone with sewing plans could find a way to make their pieces fit. If you're a bit stumped on what to make for this month's theme let me suggest...

A sundress. Um, duh? I, personally, define a sundress as "a day dress generally in woven cotton," but that's just me. Some people like sleeveless, some like sleeves to protect bare shoulders, some like jersey knits... whatever type of dress you plan on wearing in the sun.

Patterns: Literally any day dress pattern, vintage, indie, or big 4. Go wild!

A bathing suit. This is something I haven't made yet, but now that I have my serger and a good understanding of the stretch stitches on my Bernina 350 PE, I could theoretically sew my own swimwear. There is such cute swimwear inspo out there right now, whether you prefer bikini or one-piece, retro or super-sleek. (ps if anyone wants to buy me that dolce and gabbana lemon bikini--and one for my friend jennie who loves lemons?--that would be great, thanks)

Patterns: Closet Case Files' Bombshell is a retro-inspired blogger favorite, or try Named's Beverly Twisted Bikini or Papercut's Soma for more modern looks. The new lisette for Butterick swim patterns 6360 and 6358, are both adorable as well!

A pair of shorts. I generally don't wear shorts--I find them hard to style for some reason?--but I am warming to the idea of wearing them as a matched set (like I did here) or a faux-romper like Ada Spragg. What do you think? I especially like the girly, lacy ones.

Patterns: I have the Coachella shorts pattern but haven't made them yet--they seem perfect for a faux-romper like Ada Spragg's though. Other favorites include Katy & Laney's Tap Shorts, Sewaholic's Thurlows, or the (freeeee) City Gym shorts pattern by Purl Soho.

I have my pattern all picked out (shh, it's a surprise) and as long as my muslin isn't too heinous, y'all will be seeing a lovely new dress gracing these pages sometime soon! What are you thinking of making for these first days of summer? Do you have a whole capsule planned, or just a few little things?


ps: psa from your librarian! your library totally has audiobooks--maybe even available streaming on your phone--and this is such a great money saver, as those things are expensive and rarely do you listen to them more than once!

allie J.

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  1. I need to finish my shirtdress that didn't get done for MMM. Maybe it will count for this. I highly recommend 1930s/40s shorts patterns as they look like skirts.

    1. It definitely would! For shorts/skirts, I'm really tempted by those full skirt-looking 60s culottes like these...

  2. Hm...I am working on a bunch of bathing suits... Hopefully I'll get them done and they'll be wearable! Then maybe I can link them up. I had fun doing it last month. :)

    1. Fun! I'd love to make a bathing suit, but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet!

  3. I am in! I am planning a wrap skirt.

    1. ooh! I'll look for it on instagram! Pattern?



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