#MMMay16 reflection

Every year, I (along with so many of us in the online sewing community) take a little bit of time to reflect on the state of our wardrobes post-Me Made May.

I had a really busy month--a weekend in Charlottesville for mothers day, a weekend in Kentucky for a wedding, my #berninatakeover on instagram, and some hectic-ness at work gearing up for Summer Reading season in the children's section of the library--and I got hardly any sewing (or blogging) done. All the participants of the Me Made Basics Social Sew really put me to shame (thanks, y'all!).

However, I'm feeling pretty good about my handmades--this is maybe the first year I've not felt like I'm reaching into the deep, dark, recesses of my closet during the last week.

I wore some old favorites (this dress) and some newer makes, and did some creative layering (like this combo). I really nailed down that my color palette is coral, navy, and white/cream, with some ballet pink and nude thrown in--and that I'm quite happy with that but I'd like to add (a lot!!) more neutrals of the nude and camel varieties. I have a few things planned on this front--plus, I've been working on an inspiration board on pinterest (of course).

The only other tweak I'd like to make (for the moment) is to make more boxy tops like my breton striped rtw copycat. I have crop tops, and I have fitted tops, but I think what I most like to wear with slim pants (and full skirts sometimes) is a non-fitted top (Laura Petrie style).

How did your Me Made May go? I always love seeing everyone's handmades on instagram every day, I'm sad it's over! Are you totally sick of everything you've ever made, or inspired to start work on your next capsule wardrobe, or...


ps: isn't there a dick van dyke show episode for every occasion?? i just love rob & laura. 

allie J.

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  1. I'm so sad it's over!! I really was liking the challenge and seeing what everyone else was wearing!

    1. I stress about it every year but I'm always sad when it's over, it's so nice to have that little extra social element to our sewing lives :)

  2. I had no doubt you were a warm season and autumn seems to suit you better.



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