Social Sew #3: Sun Dressing

The Social Sew is back! Thank you to everyone who has participated in the first two Social Sews--we had 6 entries in April and 12 in May, so I can expect 24 June entries, right? 

June's theme is Sun Dressing!

You could, of course, go for the obvious choice and make a sun dress (this is totally me), but what else to you wear in the sun? A bikini? A cover-up for aforementioned bikini? Keep an eye out for the inspo post going out on Friday! Remember, the idea is that the theme is narrow enough to inspire if needed, but loose enough to fit anything in you have in mind, really... can't wait to see what y'all are making!

The link up will be open from the 1st of the month (at about 8 am est) and will close the last day of the month. 

Some rules: 
1. This is for adult apparel sewing, so no kids clothes or home decorating (unless specified otherwise in the theme).
2. Newly blogged garments, please: the things you add to the link up should be made in the month the link up is for. Remember, the theme and the link up are there to inspire you to create something new! 
3.  Please click on the logo above to download it, and put it either in the post you are linking up, or in your sidebar. I'd also appreciate you linking to the Social Sew--the more people who discover it, the more participation we'll have, the more inspiration! Thanks, y'all.

Upcoming themes:
June (this month) | Sun Dressing
July | Vintage


ps: i have the prettiest dress planned, wish me luck bringing it to fruition!

allie J.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your dress! You have a beautiful style.



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