Summer Sun Dressing in Black Eyelet

Social Sew entries are rolling in and the things y'all are making for "sun dressing" are so varied, which I love! I mentioned in the inspo post that I would be making a classic sundress, but then I spent a lot of time moping around in my sewing room, procrastinating. I'm making two other sundresses at the moment, one for my Bernina Vintage Sew Along (more on this very soon!) and one for my Vintage Pledge month guest post (yay!), and I didn't really want to make three very similar dresses in a short span--even if that is what I love to wear most!

In the end, I found some perfect black eyelet at my local fabric store (Mulberry Silks) and I immediately knew exactly what to do with--I used this tutorial from Megan Nielsen to make a black eyelet off the shoulder dress! I love eyelet, but it's almost always in white, which I find can get a little too twee in large doses. I love this one because the chic black helps offset the sweetness of the eyelet--when you find eyelet in an interesting color, snap it up! I was skimpy and only bought 1 1/2 yards; I used evvvvery bit.

What do you think about the off-shoulder trend? I like that it's showing off your shoulders, which is a little sexy without being too much (and... in a year or two when it goes out of style, I can easily make this a skirt!)

There's still a little bit of time to enter your Social Sew project--the post is here! If you've had your eye on a ruffled off-shoulder dress, this took me about an hour to make (perfect podcast length), and it's a definite Sun Dressing piece...


ps: i have another length of eyelet in a gorgeous coral that if all goes to plan, you'll see next month.

allie J.

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  1. This is STUNNING!!! You look fabulous!!!

  2. This is so cute! I really wanted to make myself one, but then I realised I would need straps, because I don't go out without a bra and it's just not the same. But I love how you have built-in backup-plan. Nothing like being savvy.

    1. I've seen several similar tops with straps--you could do it in a pretty black cotton voile or lawn for a bit of contrast OR instead of plain straps, hack on the very top of a favorite tank pattern for more of a "cold shoulder" look... Now you've gotten me thinking! Haha

  3. Beautiful dress, and a beautiful photo series! You really captured a summer evening out.



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