Bernina Vintage Dress-Along Reveal!

Hello! If you've been reading--or even better, sewing--along this month over on the Bernina WeAllSew blog, you'll know I've been making myself a vintage dress using Simplicity 4475 and a lovely 100% cotton seersucker. My dress is finally complete, so I have some pictures to share here today! If your vintage and retro dresses are also done, I'd love to see pictures--please do link up any pictures, blog posts, or instagram pictures in the the vintage Social Sew link up!

I wore this dress with a petticoat, the bow-tied belt and my white keds sneakers for a casual retro look. I generally don't wear my petticoat--it's this one, from Malco Modes--but every time I do, I think "Why don't I wear this every day??" (Answer: I have a job where I crawl on the ground a lot!) It's fun, ultra-feminine, and oddly flattering, plus, a luxuriously-gathered skirt and a petticoat make for amazing twirling. Although this look is vintage casual, I also anticipate wearing this dress with a nude or brown leather belt and espadrilles (and no petticoat) for a more modern preppy look, appropriate for a summer bridal shower or garden party. As someone who doesn't do "strictly vintage" it is important to me that my vintage garments work for both retro and modern looks!

So--does the dress you've been working on this month look like mine? Probably not! That's the beauty of a vintage dress-along: everyone makes something unique, since you and I have different pattern, different fabric, and different sensibilities. As I said, I'd really love to see what you have made if you've been sewing along, so please do leave a link in the comments, tag me on instagram, and link up in the Social Sew and I'll take a look!!

Do you wear a petticoat? I get compliments anytime I wear mine--I suspect just because I look a bit unusual in my vintage attire, and people want to say something. Do you have the same experience in your vintage or retro clothes? 

Thank you so much for following along on WeAllSew and here, and happy #VintagePledge July!


ps: bonus time! the dress i'm revealing wednesday is made from the same pattern, simplicity 4475... i think you'll agree that it's a totally different look, so stick around!!

allie J.

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  1. You look so great in THIS dress. This might be my all time favorite. I think everything about this is so cute. I don't think I own a single garment with raglan sleeves. I think I need to sew up a raglan sleeve and see how I look.

    1. This might be my new go-to dress pattern... the raglan sleeves make it so easy to put together since there is no setting sleeves in!! Plus the pattern has these cute shoulder ties that I NEED to make so I will definitely be making at least one more version!

  2. I love the seersucker with that silhouette- perfect for the summer. You're making me want to run out to the fabric store right now.

  3. You look great in this dress! It just looks so cute, I get why you would make two versions.
    I hope I can finish my first vintage dress in time for the social sew. Fingers crossed that my muslin fits.

  4. This dress is just charming and you look picture perfect in it! I love the seersucker, it is a really great choice of fabric...

  5. Hi Allie, this dress is amazing. How crazy, I'm totally new to your blog but this week I've ended up here twice! Once from your vintage coral dress on Kerry's blog, which is amazing. And then I found Catherine's blog when I was searching for other versions of a dress I made at the weekend, and found your beautiful 60s shift dress twinning :) Am following now so shouldn't miss any more. Love this look and I often wear a petticoat as I tend to favour my skirts quite full.

  6. You look so adorable in this dress- it's just perfection! Oh it makes me want to do some more clothes sewing again! And how did I not notice this amazing Social Sew??? I've been in a summer daze- but I can't wait for your Hot Hot Heat August! I will definitely be making a swimsuit to link up!!!

  7. What a great dress! I love how it looks and the fabric. Nice job ;)



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