Vintage Social Sew Round Up!

Say hello to our lovely vintage Social Sewing goddesses! Thank you all for sewing along with me this Vintage Pledge month!

Laura at Petite Passions made a fabulous vintage modern dress with the 1940s Tea Dress from Sew Over It. Although it is a very 40s-style pattern, her dress looks very wearable for every day!

(I've been reading the wonderful suggestions y'all left in the survey... more on this tomorrow but I wanted to repost the link up so there were thumbnails of everyone's projects here as someone suggested.)

SewsNBows' amazing leopard print shorts use a modern pattern (the new Reef Shorts from Megan Neilsen) for a 70s look!

Adeline of AdeSays made an elastic-waist circle skirt for a vintage style skirt that is super easy to wear--full confession, Adeline: I've never made a circle skirt either!!

Kelly SeamRacer made our most vintage-y vintage look of the month, a white linen late 30s number with lovely embroidery... and a hat, too!!

See Carmen Sew made a vintage Vogue dress with some very interesting construction details (like side seam snaps!!) described in her post, so definitely check it out!

Alice in the Zoo's white lace dress is certainly vintage inspired, and so lovely! She used all leftover wedding dress fabric and her brand new serger (um it is so amazing to have a serger, y'all).

Finally, representing the latest era in our round up, Almost a Hippy Alexa made a pattern from the 80s! Despite the pattern's publication date, the simple style lines keep her new chambray dress looking current and casual.

Thank you to everyone who linked up! The new one will be up tomorrow, and the theme is... Hot Hot Heat!!


ps: don't miss my two versions of Simplicity 4475 from the 60s! one in pale blue seersucker and one in coral eyelet ;)

allie J.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to next month's theme!

  2. So much fun to see everyone's garments! I love the Sewcial Sew. This is such a fun series and I love learning about new sewing people! I loved YOUR dresses as well, Allie, especially the coral one.

  3. thanks Allie! I've really loved the vintage theme & there's a lot of inspiration this month. I love your blue seersucker dress too!

  4. I love seeing everyones makes! I fell off this month but I am excited for the August theme!
    I think your blue seersucker dress is perfect on you! I am going to sew raglan sleeves for August!

  5. They all look amazing! I loved the theme but I just fell to much behind to finish in time. I will definitely participate again next month.

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