Hot Hot Heat Social Sew Round Up!

You ladies are looking hot, metaphorically and/or literally... thanks for sewing along this month!

Sarah from SaraJolie used a gorgeous fabric (Plockade from the Sommer collection by Sara Jane) to make possibly the most adorable Sassy Librarian blouse I've ever seen. This is a tried and true pattern for her, as well, so maybe we'll see another one next month?

Mayen of SewsNBows made a floral tank dress--and she'll crack you up with her sewing workout routine!

allie J. guest poster Diana made two dresses using a slightly modified version of the Patterns for Pirates Boundless dress, one stripes and one stripes AND floral. I'm biased because she's my mom but aren't they just perfect everyday dresses? (ps: don't forget you can enter instagram photos as well, it doesn't have to be a whole blog post!)

Everything Erin (possibly better known as Emerald Erin) makes is magic, including this unique bra top/suspender bottoms bikini. This girl must have about 50 swimsuits by now...

Anne at Sew Anenome made a black and white Hey June Santa Fe top that I have been considering purchasing... there are SIX views and she made view E--I'll be looking forward to more seeing the other views, Anne!

Almost a Hippy Alexa made a not-very-hippie-like but very, very lovely floral circle skirt (using the Megan Neilsen Veronika pattern which you can get for freeee here!) and also an off-shoulder top refashion which she provided a mini-tutorial for... score!

Janet's new sea-green jumpsuit certainly adds more glamour and more comfort to her DIY Wardrobe! She used the Closet Case Files Sallie pattern... very 70s chic.

Boots and Cats blogger Katryna's Sway dress in a gorgeous rayon print makes me want to wear tent dresses only for the rest of the summer.

Alexandra of The Library of Alexandra made a polka dot Marianne dress with an adorable mock-neck that she ended up with purely by mistake. Cheers to happy accidents!

I've been seeing a lot of the Chi Town Chinos online, but I hadn't seen any floral ones until these popped up over on Mahlica Designs. Melissa made these on a dare!

Nilla of Purple Pleats said that summer is over where she lives (Finland!) but she is hanging on! Her red linen skirt may become her very first repeat pattern... another tried and true pattern for next month's theme?

Seam Racer Kelly is hot hot heat personified in her absolutely knockout 70s Bond girl inspired maxi dress... wow!!

See Carmen Sew whipped up a second version of the Mimi G blazer pattern (along with matching shorts and clutch) and the look is totally different than her first one. (ps: if you follow me on instagram stories you'll know I've made this blazer as well... just waiting for it to cool down enough to wear!)

Kat is killing it modeling a gorgeous long-line lace and floral bra. Welcome to the Social Sew, lingerie sewing ladies!

I love love the styling of Liliana Lassemista's short shorts--vaguely 70s but super modern. Does anyone have any tips for her on what her fabric might be?

Anne Sew Anemone has already made three lovely versions of the (new pattern alert!) Winslow culottes. I like the classic black ones, what about you?

Petite Passions looks about ready for a beach vacation in her floral maxi dress made by hacking a pattern in the new sewing bee book that everyone's been talking about.

Nathalie Sews impresses with a corset-style burda dress with a very interesting scooped strapless neckline. Love the color, too!

Lady Sewalot Lauren is back at it with another impressive swimsuit, this time a polka dot Noelle sewn on like 37 different sewing machines as far as I can tell ;)

I'm so impressed by everything y'all have been making... great showing this month, ladies!! Thanks for reading this blog and for supporting each other by checking out everyone's links!

Y'all are all jumping the gun on these Tried and True makes... that's September's theme!! I hope you will join us again... Link up will be posted tomorrow :)


ps: as this round up gets bigger... let me know if i left anyone out! i'm counting and re-counting and hoping i get everyone every time :)

allie J.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! You are so sweet! And thanks for putting all of these fun Social Sews together!

    1. And also I'll try to sew another Sassy Librarian but with my speed I sadly can't make any promises! ;)



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