Inspiration: The Try Something New Social Sew

While I've been attempting to use every Social Sew to try something new (my first bathing suit and my trench coat being the stand outs), this month is the first to be specifically dedicated to trying new things! Like last month's "Tried and True," this is totally dependent on you and what you decide it means to "Try Something New"... whether it's a fabric you've never used, a technique you've wanted to tackle, or a garment that's sadly lacking in your handmade wardrobe.

Remember, my main goal is designing the Social Sew link-up was to make the theme narrow enough that someone unsure of what to make next could find some guidance, but broad enough that someone with sewing plans could find a way to make their pieces fit. If you're a bit stumped on what to make for this month's theme let me suggest...

A pair of jeans (jeans!!): I feel like you've really made it once you can make jeans, you know?
Patterns: Liana, Birkin, Morgan, Safran, Ginger... there are jeans patterns sprouting up all over the place! Or try the pared-down Mia jeans from Sew Over It's new capsule wardrobe book.

A floaty, drapey top, skirt, or dress (in a gorgeous but tricky fabric): Since branching out from quilting-type cottons, my sewing world has expanded dramatically. I've tackled rayons, silk/cotton blends, and even a couple silk crepe Ogdens, but haven't quite made it to chiffon and charmeuse quite yet. Give it a shot!
Patterns: I've always loved the Cascade skirt for a romantic, bohemian look, and would it be lovely with a coordinating Ogden cami for a faux-dress look? (Plus, the simple-to-make Ogden is a nice entry into trickier fabrics!) Papercut has some gorgeous dress options crying out for charmeuse and chiffon, and Victory Patterns' new Trina is a kimono-style wrap dress that would also look stunnnninggg in a lush silk.

Something using velvet or leather (or faux fur!): Very autumnal right? If you're like me, you've never used either of  these materials, but velvet is "in" this fall (pretty sure about this, haha) and leather or pleather is cool year round/always but especially nice in the fall, I think. I saw some stretch faux-suede leggings at Tuckernuck and like, I'm pretty sure those are super impractical but also I have to have them--make some and let me know how/when/where you plan on wearing them, okay?
Patterns: Simplicity's new leggings pattern 8212 was made for stretch suede, don't you think? Or add velvet or leather accents to your favorite pattern; a bomber jacket would be super on-trend.

I'm going to be attempting my first pair of jeans--the Birkin flares!--so that will be really new for me: a few new techniques, a new type of garment, and a new silhouette, since I haven't worn any flare jeans in about a decade! What about you?? And which theme do you prefer: Tried and True or Try Something New? Would you rather stay in your comfort zone, or experiment a bit?


ps: i know i suggested the ogden cami in last month's inspiration post as well, but... i just really like that pattern! (despite not having blogged any of my three versions, oops!)

allie J.

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  1. Ooooh great theme! I'd really love to give my first trench a go (got the pattern and fabric and everything!)....but with my exams coming up in a few weeks, I'll see how I go haha. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! xx

  2. I'm almost done with my first pair of jeans. They still scare me enough that the second pair I have planned will feel new too.



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