The Lonetree Jacket (Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour)

Thank you to Indiesew for providing the pattern and fabric for this post as part of their Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour. 
You can see the whole Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection here--it's definitely worth checking out!

Allie Olson doesn't mess around, does she? In addition to founding Indiesew, she also recently released her very first pattern, and did she go for a simple tank top or a-line skirt? Nope! She went all out with a jacket. Why not?

The Lonetree Jacket (and vest) is an anorak-ish utility jacket. This pattern requires a lot of precise topstitching, which is a little bit intimidating, but coming off my jeans topstitching I was feeling pretty confident. This jacket required a lot of precision stitching, but it weren't any very tricky parts, just a lot of steps. I think it's totally worth it for a jacket that is maybe the most ready-to-wear looking item in my closet. I honestly have nothing but wonderful things to say about this project--it came together beautifully. Great job, Allie and Indiesew!

I recently wore a pretty similar jacket (from J. Crew c. 2006) here--that particular jacket is one of those garments that I like so much in theory, but I also haven't worn it much, either, because the styling felt just a bit off, so I was excited to give it another shot. Copying this rtw jacket and one of the example garments, I made mine in this army green twill (also c/o Indiesew). I then felt a bit guilty about doing so much copying and decided to do some experimentation with my completed jacket, so I bought a big block of Otter Wax!

If you've never waxed anything before, you just rub a big block of wax (like a bar of soap) over the item and then cure either by blow-drying it or just leaving it for a while to sort of melt into the fabric. I did only one coat of wax and so when I ran my jacket hem under the tap, it's not particularly waterproof. It does change the hand of the fabric though, giving it more of an "outerwear" layer feel. If I wanted it to be really waterproof, I could do another layer of wax, which I might do in the future. I'm also considering making the hood separately and making it detachable--I think I could just sew it flat and attach some snaps to the hood and the collar, don't you think? Then I could always wax the hood really well for rain protection. I'll just have to see if I have enough scraps left over to squeeze it out!

I've had such a lovely time working with Indiesew for this tour (and in general--those ladies are so great!) so be sure to take a look at all the other participants! Several other ladies have already shared their Lonetree Jackets, if you want more inspo... Sara of The Sara Project made a gorgeous rust-color jacket and Peggy of Sew House Seven made an army green one with fleecy facings! And keep an eye out for even more jackets as the tour continues!


ps: we took these at the occoneechee speedway, a historic nascar track that operated in nascar's first season (1949) and closed in 1968 before being turned into a park and nice walking path in 2003. cars used to go 90 mph around this track!! (wooster only goes about 78 mph, tops.)

allie J.

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  1. Wow your jacket looks so good! I need this pattern.

  2. such a great fall look! and i love the speedway! Such a great park :)

  3. Very cute and sporty! Love the color!

  4. I can't believe you stitched this! Good call on the wax!

  5. Your jacket looks amazing! The entire fall collection looks so good, most of the time I'm not tempted to buy the collection but now I am. The jacket is great I want one in navy and the blouse and sweater look nice as well.

  6. Love that you waxed it! Great job on this one.

  7. What a great hiking outfit! Your dog is so cute.
    xo, Lee

  8. I will definitely have to visit that park!

  9. I am loving that jacket. I need a light weight one for the fall.

  10. What a great jacket!!!!! Respect!!!
    Great work:o)
    xx Kirsten



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