New Year, New Wardrobe: Week One

I mentioned Sunday that I was planning on doing something a little different, and here I am with a little four-part mini-series entitled "New Year, New Wardrobe"--just like this month's Social Sew. If you aren't a fan of introspective/wardrobe planning posts, you've been warned, but don't worry, I'll try and keep it short.

In the past few years, I've made big strides in becoming a more practical sewer. In addition to improving my sewing skills, I've also learned a lot about which shapes work with my body, and which fabrics work with those shapes (no more quilting cotton shift dresses!). Through all this, I've never sat down and really processed what sewing bloggers are probably familiar with as "Wardrobe Architect"-ure but most people would maybe call capsule wardrobe planning. I've taken some time this year and last year to think about gaps in my wardrobe, especially after Me Made May with all it's challenges, and now it feels like time to do something a little more structured. I'm borrowing from Wardrobe Architect, Five Piece French Wardrobe, The Curated Closet, and a bunch of random ideas gathered all over the place. Here's my schedule:

Week One: Introduction & Inspiration
Week Two: Colors (& my Current Closet)
Week Three: Silhouette & Shape
Week Four: Planning & Priorities

If you want to join me, I'll be posting some outfits and updates using the hashtag #newyearnewwardrobe and I'd love to see you there! So, there's my intro, now to the inspo. As my first step, I made some mood boards...

 all from pinterest

I feel like I see myself and my style reflected in these mood boards somewhat--the clothes reflect to some extent what I've been creating and sharing with you here--but in other ways, I definitely see these as aspirational! For one, I think these are a bit more retro than I tend to dress on a daily basis. That often comes down to hair and makeup, though--which is also something to think about!

The words I've picked for my overall look (and which you can see at the top as part of my series header) are:

feminine | classic | vintage | preppy | ladylike | polished

What do you think of my selection of words? Have you ever made a moodboard? If you want to play along, I'd love to see or hear about your style "mood" for the upcoming year... which words would you pick to describe your look?


ps: and a few "no thanks!" words a la erin: quirky, corporate, kitschy, trendy

allie J.

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  1. I've been doing the same thing! Perhaps 2017 is just going to be that kind of year and maybe the fact that so many are moving in this direction (Curated Closet is fabulous!) is a reflection of the collective development phase of the home sewing movement or maybe even the garment industry in general. I feel so much better having grabbed the reigns of this exhilarating hobby and tamed it to be less random and redundant :)Congratulations on your mood board! I've just been working mine too on Pinterest.

    1. I think there are lots of us who got into sewing around the same time (spurred on by Project Runway etc etc) and are now coming into our own styles. I remember a few years ago it was all about sewing "cake" not "frosting" so I think these trends in wardrobing come and go!

  2. Hu, I'm so excited!!!! I already started my newest project and it's going to be a costume, something I have NEVER sewn before!!! So I'm really excited and curious what the others will sew this month:o)
    I've never done a mood digital board, mine is more old fashioned;o)
    Hugs for you:o)

    1. Exciting! What is your costume of? Where will you be wearing it??

  3. I love those words and I try to aim for them myself! I love introspective wardrobe posts too, as you can tell from my blog! ;) Gorgeous pictures! Good luck! I want to make a new plan for a "perfect handmade wardrobe" myself!

    1. I have several words in common with your wardrobe architect! Polished is the one I'm currently struggling with most as I traipse off to work in a bunch of slush and with my hair in a messy topknot ;)



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