New Year, New Wardrobe: Week Two

Welcome to week two of New Year, New Wardrobe! This week I'm tackling color palette before briefly touching on what I currently have in my handmade closet.

I have a pretty good idea of what colors I want to focus on for this year's sewing. Using a combination of my mood boards from last week, the colors I know I enjoy wearing and feel good in, and the colors that are suggested for my coloring (I'm a soft autumn--cheesy, yes, but effective), here's what I came up with:

neutral colors (to support and balance the other colors): white/cream, nude, camel, navy
core colors (the essence of your style, the color you love to wear): ballet pink, coral
accent colors (add variety): pale blue, lavender, hunter green
(categories from the Curated Closet)

As far as patterns go, I'm not too much of a prints person--just look at my archives! I much prefer a bold statement color or a wonderful texture to a wild print. The exceptions are anything leopard, a classic navy and white or cream stripe, and a beautiful floral, about which I can be super picky.

I have been working on narrowing down this color palette for the past few months, which I think is reflected in recent posts. One secret I'll let you in on: having a restricted palette makes fabric shopping much simpler--it's easier to resist impulse purchases! It also makes getting dressed a bit easier, since most things match. I saw somewhere that any three swatches of your color palette should be easily worn together, and I think I've accomplished that. For example:

navy, blue, cream/white  camel, blue, pink  cream/white, camel, navy  camel, coral, lavender

camel, coral, pink  camel, hunter, pink  cream/white, pink, camel  pink, cream/white, coral

As for what's already in my closet... anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I love pink. I have lots of pink items, in shades from palest pink to bright coral, and in shapes from statement coats to full skirted dresses to floaty little minis. I feel good in pink, I feel pretty, and I feel most like myself. I also have a lot of navy (in solids and florals and stripes). I have a few white, cream, and camel pieces, but I think this is where my closet is currently lacking. Fortunately, I do have some camel and cream fabric in my stash, waiting to be made into clothes... I just can't keep getting distracted by new pinks!

Recently I've been trying to pull these colors from my closet when getting ready in the morning. I'll be posting some #ootds on instagram this coming week with this in mind, so be sure to follow me over there and if you're posting outfits in your colors or silhouettes, use #newyearnewwardrobe so I can see what you're up to!


ps: you may notice i'm ignoring through this whole process all things black--and my alternate nighttime persona, which has a whole board dedicated to it. we'll dip briefly into this in february, i promise...

allie J.

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  1. Pretty! I think I personally have to stick to cool colors but I still think these are fun!

  2. I love how you've put your colours together, it's always such a great visual to see how they will work together in an outfit, and I'm completely in love with your colours too- so polished and chic!



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