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I'm always so impressed by y'all's fancy dress looks, so I've been looking forward to this theme! As I mentioned in the link-up post, you don't haaaaave to make a Valentine's dress--I just had a very nice board-games-in-jeans-and-a-hoodie date myself! Then again, I always feel like I need a reason to make a nice dress, so if you're looking for an excuse to splurge on some nice fabric or use that too-fancy-for-everyday pattern that's been gathering dust in your stash... here it is!

Remember, my main goal is designing the Social Sew link-up was to make the theme narrow enough that someone unsure of what to make next could find some guidance, but broad enough that someone with sewing plans could find a way to make their pieces fit. If you're a bit stumped on what to make for this month's theme let me suggest...

A silky (or snuggly) robe: Whether you're slipping into something more comfortable or cuddling up on the couch with a box of chocolates, there's nothing better than a cozy robe!
Patterns: Seamwork's Almada and Named's Asaka are lovely kimono-style robes (which you can also make with a simple tutorial). Purl Soho has a more traditional style robe as well!

An ultra-feminine dress: Maybe you, like me, feel your best in a slightly-frou-frou cupcake of a vintage dress, or maybe you feel amazing in a body-con sheath. You do you, but do it up one hundred percent on v-day, okay?
Patterns: Whatever makes you feel like a knockout: I suggest Georgia or Flora for some cleavage (and I will live vicariously through you) or Nettie for a body-con option.

Something lacy: No explanation needed! (And if it feels like I've recommended lingerie in a few of these inspiration posts recently, It's because I'm working up the courage to dive into some bra sewing of my own!)
Patterns: Oh my gosh, y'all, have you seeeeeen the new Harriet bra pattern by Cloth Habit? It is gorgeous and I need it (despite my utter lack of bra-sewing experience). Her Watson set is a blogger favorite as well. Ohh Lulu has alll the bralette patterns you could ever need.

I hope you have some pretty sewing in your queue! There's a time and place for basics, and Valentine's Day is decidedly not. it. in my opinion. Do you agree?


ps: ...or maybe you want to sew something for your valentine? this is official permission to do some unselfish sewing for the link-up:)

allie J.

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  1. I agree- Valentine's is not the time for basics- and although I am on the 'single and spending the night with my sewing machine and chocolate' this is inspiring me to make something special for this month!!



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