5 ways to wear White Denim for Spring (Closet Case Ginger Jeans)

Thank you to Hart's Fabric for providing the fabric for this post. For more details on these white jeans, head over to the Hart's Fabric blog!

I've wanted white jeans for ever but I've never bought any--I could never find just the right pair and so I chickened out every time. When Harts Fabric got this amazing designer white denim in stock, I obviously knew it was fate and that I just needed to buckle down and make my third pair of jeans (that's a phrase I never thought I'd be saying, y'all). These are the high-rise Gingers... and for more details, you'll have to pop over to my post on the Harts Fabric blog!

Keep reading for five simple ways to style white denim for spring...

1. To brunch or day drinking with wedges and an off-the-shoulder top like this one (also made with fabric from Hart's!). This is a very on-trend outfit and there's a good reason why--skinny jeans and wedges balance out the voluminous top and create that "legs for days" look.

2. On a rainy day with Hunters and a trench. White jeans brighten up a cloudy day outfit, and won't get trashed as long as you have your tall rain boots on. Just make sure you aren't going anywhere super muddy!!

3. Classically preppy with brown loafers and a crisp oxford shirt. Add a brown belt or purse and maybe even a baseball cap for casual Ivy League style, or tie your shirt at the waist for this more vintage cheesecake look.

4. White on white. Who says colorblocking has to be colorful? White jeans + white or off-white top + nude accessories is a winning formula. Maybe add a touch of pink lipstick.

5. Dressed down with a grey tee shirt and sneakers. I'm on the hunt for that perfect grey v-neck (my go-to retailer, Grana, has black and navy but not grey at the moment) so that I can finally rock this look. And for bit of polish, how cute is that last look with the navy blazer!

What do you think, are you sold on white denim? I always worried about getting them dirty but I've decided to just live my life and if they get dirty, there's always spot remover and bleach! It's entirely possible that next week's post will be "maintaining your white denim"... in the meantime, do you have any tips for me besides "no spaghetti" and carrying a tide to go pen?


ps: i can't believe that cup of jo post is 5 years old! i used to read her every day in college. i also still love her motherhood around the world series--definitely worth checking out even if you don't have kids!

allie J.

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  1. I love white denim! And you did a great job. I have no doubt you'll get tons of wear out of them, they are so versatile! So, I have a little story for you - when I was in high school, I had an awesome pair of white button fly 501s that I loved. And I liked to wear then with a white top. One of my friends ended up writing a scholarship essay about going out to dinner with me, and spilling pasta sauce all over my all white ensemble! Fortunately, I did not spill on them, and wore them until they could not be worn anymore. Enjoy!



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