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I've been obsessing over all the embroidered details in stores recently, so when a bunch of hand-embroidery tutorials popped up recently, I decided it was obviously time for me to give it a shot.

As my first foray into embroidery, I'm going to make McCall's 7544 view D (but with the shorter sleeves from views A-C).

I think I picked up this pattern at the same time as my leather jacket pattern, but I really think it will be absolutely perfect for the hot weather that's already encroaching down here in North Carolina! I love a billowy top in summer (in fact I have another billowy McCall's pattern, 7537 already sewn and just waiting on pictures) and I think the trick to wearing them is to balance out the oversized top half with something skinny on the bottom half--emphasize those legs, ladies!--or if it's a dress, err on the side of short. The other views of this pattern are really cute too, I'd really like to copy their versions of A (in preppy striped oxford-cloth) and C (chambray with eyelet). I also think this pattern would be really cute with some embroidery details for any 70s style lovers!

I'm not going to show you the embroidery pattern I've designed quite yet but you may be able to guess at it from my inspiration pictures (more here)! I should have some #wip shots on my instagram as I go (and there will definitely be tons of insta stories of my embroidery, so get ready!) so you can keep up with my progress over there!

Do you have any tips for a newbie embroiderer? I've done lots of cross stitch and some other needlepoint but not a lot of freehand embroidery. I'd love to see your embroidered garments and appreciate any links or book recommendations!


ps: how perfect is this top? i already have some scraps of black lace and a copy of M7573... 

allie J.

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  1. Embroidery is so fun! I haven't done it lately, but I'm hoping to make Mrs. DePew's 6060 in white cotton with white embroidery on the yoke this summer.

    Just really watch your thread length, tangled embroidery thread is a pain. And make sure a quarter could bounce off the fabric while embroidering! Hand embroidering is so rewarding :)

  2. I'm sure you will enjoy embroidery very much. You should check out Mary Corbet's blog Needle n'Thread. Lots of information and tutorials there. Have fun!

    Andrea D.

  3. timely! I see embroidery everywhere right now!



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