Ruffles on Ruffles (Honig Designs Athena)

Happy Saturday! I don't usually post during weekends but I just couldn't help myself this once--there's a new pattern out there that I wanted to share! Elise over at Honig Design has been working hard to release her second pattern, the Athena blouse, and it's out today!! (And y'all, it's only six dollars...)

I tested Elise's last pattern here; it was thoughtfully designed, well-drafted, and I loved the classic shape, so I was thrilled to test her second offering. The Athena has a pleated peplum and dart tucks in the bodice for a soft, feminine look, and three quarter sleeves. You may notice that only about half of that description applies to my version--since I wanted a summer top, I left off the sleeves (although they really are the perfect length) and added ruffles at the neck and little ruffle cap-sleeves instead of the longer length sleeves provided. The Athena isn't written with these details, but as usual I couldn't help but go a little overboard, adding extra frills to this already ultra-feminine design.

High necks with ruffles are everywhere right now... I believe it's part of the Gunne Sax 70s-does-Edwardian throwback fashion that has also spawned the off-shoulder and yoke ruffles and the statement sleeve. They are super easy to make too! Just measure your neckline, then cut a strip of fabric twice that length and 3" wide. Fold in half and stitch closed the ends, turn and press. Then gather the long open side and insert it between your shell and your lining, binding, or facing.

For the cap sleeve ruffles, do the same thing, except measuring from the front shoulder to back, not all the way around your arm. I curved the ends of my ruffle but you can also leave them squared off for a different look! And you can do this in any seam--princess seams, pockets...

Now that I've added this extra-feminine detail to the Athena, I want to put it on everything I make! I don't know if you remember this J. Crew ruffle neck sweatshirt from a few years ago, but guess who just got the Named Clothing Sloane sweatshirt pattern from Indiesew...  now to get some sweatshirt fabric! What are you going to add ruffles to?


ps: my embroidered top (M7544) is coming along so nicely... i am so excited to share it with you when it's complete!! 

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  1. I love this! The neck ruffles are so sweet! Yellow on AllieJ? Lookin' good! I like the natural leather with yellow shoes too. This top is so flattering on you and I think you will get so much wear out of it. Do you have any other fabrics in the stash to make a second one? XO Mom

  2. Love your blouse Allie! Especially on you - it just suits you to a tee. Thank you for the idea on the sweatshirt! I was wearing my me-made sweatshirt all day yesterday (beautiful thick cotton fleece with lapover seams that I did with fancy wooly nylon) and realized I need more of these! So comfortable and cozy but it's fun to imagine what more you can do with a sweatshirt to make it more feminine and interesting.



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