Casual Cute (Named Slone Sweatshirt)

Thank you to Indiesew for providing this pattern as part of their blogger network.

Sometimes on a Friday night you just want to cozy up in a sweatshirt and catch up on blogs with a glass of wine, and sometimes you want to dress up in your ruffliest outfit and fake lashes and throw a silly dance party with your girlfriends. This is the magical sweatshirt that is totally appropriate for both.

The Sloane Sweatshirt is my first Named Clothing pattern, but it won't be my last! (No, seriously, I'm working on another one right now.) I'm also like the only person in the world who still hasn't made an Inari, sorry. I had a few different ideas for this sweatshirt. I knew I wanted to use a classic heather grey fabric (this french terry is from Mulberry Silks and it's cosy and soft and wonderful) but I wasn't sure how I wanted to change up the design. I was going to copy that J. Crew sweatshirt from a while back that had a woven ruffle at the neckline, but changed direction at the last minute and decided to go for these ruffled shoulders. I like the little peek of the wrong side underneath, it ties in with the cuffs, waistband, and neckline, which I also made with the wrong side showing. To make the ruffles, I cut strips of the fabric, rounded off the edges, and gathered them slightly before inserting them in the seam. These go from front to back armscye notch, and are about 1.5x the length of that distance (I just eyeballed it--I'm pretty good at ruffles, y'all).

Indiesew has a few different similar-ish sweatshirts, but the Sloane is my personal favorite style, I think--it's so classic, but the french darts give it a nice shape. (If you have a larger bust, Bianca has a great tutorial on doing an FBA with this type of dart, fyi.) Honestly, I'm really loving this new sweatshirt and I don't have that much else to say about it because it's just that great! This pattern went together beautifully, the fit is spot-on... I've basically been wearing it as much as possible. In this heather grey, it's not quite workwear, but in another color, it totally could pass.

Do you have a favorite sweatshirt pattern? Wait, first let me guess: is it the Toaster #2? True confessions--I actually really prefer the less-popular Toaster #1 and have had it on my to-sew list for ages!


ps: are you a member of Girls Night In? it's my new favorite newsletter (besides my own, duh), and they would totally give this sweatshirt the 100 percent emoji stamp of approval.

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  1. This is so YOU! The fit is spot on. Such a cute spin on a practical make.

  2. Very cute! I'm really liking the ruffled sweatshirt trend. I've made the Grainline Hemlock in sweatshirt fabric, and I really like it, and that it doesn't have a separate cuff band. It's a super quick make!

  3. Very nice. How wide are the ruffles? Thanks.

  4. I like the Toaster #1, too. I also find I am wearing my Coppelia long faux wrap sweatshirt from Papercut Patterns a lot lately. I like that yours has the French dart. It's different in a good way.


  5. Such a cute sweatshirt. You have styled it very well. You look so pretty! Have a great day. Kisses 😘😘.



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