First Day of Summer (Named Beverly Bikini & Evie la Luve Maxine)

It's the first day of summer--the perfect day to share a new swimsuit! Last year I made my first swimsuit and decided I wanted to make lots more. Despite the fact that I really only need one or two bikinis total, since I don't spend all that much time at the lake, beach, or pool, there are lots of really cute swim patterns out there, and I want to make them all!

If you have some experience sewing knits, the hardest part is making swimwear will sourcing notions and cute fabric. This top called for swim elastic as well as the clear elastic (like the kind you use to stabilize shoulder seams) and a clasp hook. I couldn't find a clasp hook, but they had swimwear hooks and both kinds of elastic at my local JoAnn fabric. The fabric is from Spoonflower (c/o). They're actually right around the corner from me in Durham, so I've been to their offices a few times for various projects, and they very nicely sent me some of their "sport lycra" to make this with. I am totally head over heels for the palm print--the printing is vibrant and crisp and it is exactly the print you want for a tropical getaway (it's this one, which comes in this gorgeous hot red and aqua too). I pre-washed this fabric, and didn't notice any of the bleeding that can sometimes occur with print-on-demand fabric. I haven't worn this in the pool (I prefer sitting by the pool than being in the pool to be honest) but it says it should be chlorine safe.

I used two patterns for the suit--the unique top is the Named Clothing Beverly Twisted Bikini (c/o Indiesew). I've never seen a bikini top like in in RTW but I've loved it ever since I saw Sophie's knockout version (omg, right?) and I think it goes so well with the palm print for a super tropical look. I mentioned on instagram stories that the construction is so thoughtful and you end up with a really well-made, professional looking bikini top. There's boning involved, so you know it's good, right? (If you poke around you can find some larger bust ladies modeling if you aren't sure if this style will work on you, fyi.) Named patterns are a little more expensive than some other indie patterns but now that I've made two (a complex bikini top and a simple sweatshirt) I can tell you they are worth it--the designs are unlike any others and both of my projects went together perfectly and fit beautifully. I'm a convert!!

Rereading Sophie's post after finishing my version, I realized that totally copied her by swapping out the mid-rise Beverly bottoms (which you can see on Rachel here) for a high-waisted underwear pattern--she used the Ohh Lulu Ava pattern and I used the recently-released Maxine pantie, a free pattern from Evie la Luve. I thought about using the Sophie bottoms, but they're paneled, and I didn't want to break up the print, and it's super easy to use that to make swim bottoms; I followed this tutorial. It ended up a little more cheeky than I was expecting, so when I use the Maxine again (for swim or underwear) I might extend the back leg a bit more. Other than that, I love the fit, and for $0 it can't be beat!

I have a little bit of this Spoonflower print left over, so I'm thinking about making a low-rise bottom (maybe with tie or knot details on the sides to match the top?) and if I'm lucky, my scraps will be big enough to squeeze out a Sophie top since the pieces for that one are so small (numerous, but small). Then I can have a whole mix-and-match swim wardrobe! Now... who has a beach house? I'm thinking sewing retreat? You're invited!


ps: also, from the same spoonflower seller--the most perfect lemon print you ever saw, spectacular mid-mod roses in every shade, red white and blue willow, and my same palms with a subtle barkcloth-like texture in the background. one of each please!!

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  1. Amazing bikini! I love your fabric choice!

  2. This is the exact inspo I need to actually commit to sewing a bikini.

  3. I haven't attempted a swim suit, but you and a few other bloggers I follow have and you guys are defiantly inspiring me! Looks great!

  4. Cute and very tropical! Just wondering if your newsletter is currently active? I signed up but haven't received anything...

    1. Hi Paloma! Yes, it is active but I only send things out once or twice a month, I don't send out an email for each post! You should get something in te first week of July, if you don't get anything, please let me know :)

  5. Can't believe you made this swimsuit! It's gorgeous!
    Be sure to check out my latest post.
    x. kritsida

  6. Named Patterns are very good! I've made their Inari Dress and Ninni culottes, and once you figure out how you want it to fit, and the sizing, they're great!

  7. Good LORD girl that swimsuit looks soooooo goooooood!!!!! I love that tropical print! I'll be referencing this and the Ohhh Lulu post to make my own swimwear for that beach retreat ;)

  8. Lovely bikini. In your IG stories you had one leg with elastic a little wobbly, the other which you said was a different technique went in smoothly. What was the successful technique?



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